K2 Kreitler

Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2000

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Juan Pablo GARAYOA OLAZ (Guest)
Perfect free ride

Riding style: freeride
Length on the ski: 196 cm
Riders weight: 86 kg
Riders length: 186 cm

Steve (Guest)
I STILL use a pair of these after eleven years. I'm a big guy - 6'5", 225 lbs (close enough to 2 meters, 100 kg). I ski them in 193 length and I am dreading the day that I need to look for a new pair of skis.

For my style of skiing, they are ideal - fast and not many turns down the fall line, especially in steeps. They are ideal for this - they will carve like a chef at Benihanas and will hold an edge on any kind of hard pack, ice or crud. They are as stable as a rock - no chatter, no vibration, just smooth and powerful.

Well, if you like moguls, these are not the skis for you.

These are throw-backs. I've been skiing a LONG time (the old timers will recall the old K2 Fours - I have a pair in my attic that I skied in 215 length - that's how long I've been skiing) and these are my favorite all time ski. I love them - they have stood up to everything I've given them and they look and ski like new.

I don't think I will ever adjust to these short parabolics. If you feel the same way, and you like to go fast, try these if you can find them.

Riding style: Hard pack, steep, fast. Think Super-G.
Length on the ski: 193 cm
Riders weight: 100 kg
Riders length: 200 cm

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hmm ... what to say about this old cult skirt.
The 98-99 model was, as you know, happily plotted with the 70 mm waist, making it a really good all-round ski. Not too wide, and at that time, not too narrow. Just simply.
Since the Kreiter blade is quite stiffer than the Morrison model, it may be difficult for lighter, possibly. less aggressive, rider to get out all of the ski. However, this can usually be compensated for by speed. As is well known, the relationship applies; speed = MORE speed.
Nowadays, there are not many that would like a midfat skid, but if you would like to test, I would highly recommend Kreitler.

Model year: 1998
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On my 193 ski is a telis binding mounted, myself I'm 188cm / 80kg. I think it works really well like an all-round telescope. Down the mountain, you take as stable a Kreitler as in a Pisten-Bully. Good ice grip and stable at high speeds. However, it may be a bit slow from edge to edge when forced to shorter turns. Also works well outside, or in untouched piste. Followable and smooth on softer and uneven surfaces, just press it on. Slow bearing in loose nose, if you have a fairly long slide like to say.

Model year: 1999
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Can only say that last year's Kreitler dominates fetus. Just come home from a short week's pillows in Opdalen and can only say that these layers go as a trolley down the mountain. Thanks to its midfat cutting, it can be used as short-range and high-speed ski, which gives a nice variation in the ride. Unfortunately, I have not been able to test them in proper firefighting, but suppose they can handle it, even though they are quite heavy but my commitment.
/ Mr Fog

Model year: 1999
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This ski, especially last year's model, 99 is therefore wonderful in the snow. It has apparently been made about
to this year not to compete with the Seth Morrison ski, and apparently it should not be that good. The old goes like the train, anytime, by all, at all and under all. You have to go fast for the ski to show its good pages. It's a bit rough when it comes to tight, fast turns and it can feel irrational to those who travel with short quick turns. But they are well on extinction, or? Go big, fat and ballt-yoke K2 Kreitler
/ Mats

Model year: 1999
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I have the 188 cm skid and it is absolutely wonderful in the snow, but still not to relax in the piste. It does not drive too fast with this ski and jumping is no problem, but beware is dying speed blindness. ;-)
/ Daniel Magnusson

Model year: 1999