K2 Lotta Luv

K2 Lotta Luv
Category: Piste
Level: Advanced
Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2011
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 125/82/110 mm Turning radius: 14.00 m (163 cm)
Sizes: 149,156,163,170 cm
Manufacturers description
Sporting an 82 mm waist and progressive sidecut, the 2010-11 K2 Lotta Luv ski offers expert-level all-mountain women skiers the ultimate in performance and unmatched versatility. The Metal-Laminate construction in the T:Nine Lotta Luv and Mod Monic dampen the ride in the most varied terrain. The All-Terrain Rocker provides added tip lift for soft snow and quicker turn initiation on groomers for control and confidence in any condition.

(Official information from K2)

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1 reviews
Absolutely awesome ski's, much better than I could imagine, breaks through anything and really stable at speed, untried on powder unfortunately, just hard pack, and afternoon slush. Look really cool and extremely well built. Luv them

Only one, extremely heavy, need to be a body builder to carry them or find a strong helpful man.

Recommend them to everyone

Model year: 2009
Riding style: 70 piste 30 powder
Length on the ski: 156 cm
Riders weight: 55 kg
Riders length: 165 cm