K2 Revival

K2 Revival
Category: Park & Pipe
Level: Advanced
Brand: K2
Modelyear: 2011
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 121/90/115 mm Turning radius: 20.00 m (179 cm)
Sizes: 159,164,169,174,179 cm
Homepage: k2skis.com/skis/twin-tips/revival
Manufacturers description
The all-new 2010-11 K2 Revival ski is the comp ski of choice for Factory Team athletes. It’s rock solid Twin Tech construction combined with ABSorb Sidewalls makes this ski stable enough to rip any terrain forward and to handle the toughest of landings switch. The Revival’s all-new Jib Rocker Technology combined with bi-directional taper makes this twin tip ski easier to maneuver for effortless presses and butters on a variety of features forward or switch.

(Official information from K2)

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12/01/2011 (Modified: 12/01/2011)
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Very good durability, Jib rocker, How nice to go skiing have spent about 4 ski days and they have kept super good! Highly recommended if you travel a lot of park and so on. I mostly train in the park and it is super fun, but it is also good when jumping.

Have not found anything yet: D

The ski is nice, durability nothing wrong has marks griffon bindings and you rock fat in the park with them! :) Gives it a 5th end, but see you later! : D This ski is a lift from my former K2 Juvy 2008 model but I do not know if I can compare it with the new one for the K2 Juvyn was about 140cm long and I have 164 on the new but it's the best ski I went on i think iaf :)

Riding style: Park Pist Powder
Length on the ski: 164 cm
Riders weight: 48 kg
Riders length: 160 cm