Line Blade

Line Blade
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Line
Modelyear: 2021
Weight: 2050 gram (0 cm)
Sizes: 169,176,181 cm
(Official information from Line)

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ole kjelsaas
ole kjelsaas (Guest)
Excellent on piste with strong carving properties. Great offpsite with good float in snow.

Less grip on ice in piste.

Awesome ski!

Model year: 2021
Riding style: Piste / powder
Length on the ski: 176 cm
Riders weight: 83 kg
Riders length: 174 cm

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About the ski: An almountain ski with piste character from Line for the sake of unusualness. Wooden core made of aspen and reinforced with metal. The radius is secret and is specified only as "tight". An exciting ski!

Johan: - Great to ride! My favorite right now! I don't know what the radius is but it feels short ... quick turns and it happens a lot. I like that! For me, this is a great ski. It is still a bit wide for the hard surface but apart from that ... really good! Rating: 5.

Fredrik: - Interesting skiing! Big difference compared to the other skis we tested. They worked well in every way, but are perhaps a bit soft for the hard surface. They will work better when there is more snow. The skis feel soft in the back and hard in the front, which I think makes them feel a little mediocre when you get into the bend, but a fun and interesting ski from Line with cool design! Rating: 4.

Moa: - Good and playful skiing! Quite okay as it is today but is probably even better on softer surfaces. I didn't really get the feeling I want when I came out of the swing, sure something happens ... but it wasn't really pop. But I'm positive! Rating: 4.

Olle: - Coolest ski today! But I'm disappointed in myself, I drove poorly, it's so icy. It feels like it has more to give and I would like to test the skis in spring slush or the like. The ski is quite soft, especially in the tails ... I am used to hard skis. When I pressed properly they didn't feel really reliable. Hard to judge, but I give it 4, my riding gets 1.5… haha! Rating: 4.


Model year: 2021