Line Mothership

Line Mothership
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Line
Modelyear: 2010
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 142/111/131 mm Turning radius: 24.00 m (185 cm)
Sizes: 185,195 cm
Manufacturers description
Powerful, high speed, hard charging big mountain control and stability with a surprising amount of agility. From the hand crafted look of the Metal matrix and wood inlays to the one-of-a-kind feel, this big mountain ski is years ahead of it’s time.

(Official information from Line)

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Trygvecowboy (Guest)
Solid and stable. Carves very good in the pist, with no speed limit. Good flotation in powder. Chunks up all types of snow. A good possible one quiver ski, well suited for heavy skiers.

Heavy (2800g/195cm), which (of course) make them a bit sluggish at low speed. Demands some juice in the legs to drive them as they deserve.


Model year: 2010
Riding style: Offpiste, piste, freeride.
Length on the ski: 195 cm
Riders weight: 110 kg
Riders length: 187 cm

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Stable skis !! Feels safe both in the harvested offpiste and when you do not turn into a black pist. Gently slips from edge to edge to be such a wide waist, but extra muscles are required. Answers well when you press. Easy rocking and flowing smoothly in the fluff.

Eeh ... call if I come at anytime !!

Drive telemark with these and when I got them they were mounted after the alpine boot center which I thought would give some trouble in the offpiste with a sinking back, but not! Have driven them for four weeks now in Oppdal in everything from windpack to 50cm cushions and they go like the train everywhere! Ridden for Völkl Explosive for four years and was looking for a ski that compares in speed stability and these skis are all and a bit more! Twist like the hell.

Model year: 2009
Riding style: Fort as a fan
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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Bought a pair for this season

Can actually say I'm very pleased with the ski as a whole
-Puder 10
-Nypistat 8
-Updated 5

The naked part of the skis is that they are quite sluggish at low speeds

But overall I am very pleased

Model year: 2005
Riders weight: 95 kg