Line Sakana

Line Sakana
Line Sakana
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Line
Modelyear: 2021
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 150/105/138 mm Turning radius: 15.00 m Weight: 1770 gram (174 cm)
Sizes: 166,174,181 cm
Manufacturers description
The LINE Sakana was created to carve. We took the insanely fun and innovative design of the
Pescado and transfixed it into a narrower, more versatile ski. Utilizing a unique swallowtail
shape and camber through the majority of the ski, the Sakana is made to rail turns on hard snow,
but an early rise tip and wide shovel (nose) allow them to surf through deeper snow with ease.
A ski that floats on fresh, and carves better than your Dad on Thanksgiving dinner, experience the Sakana.

(Official information from Line)

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  • Line Sakana photo
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6 reviews
Larry Simpson
Larry Simpson (Guest)
They love to carve and go through crud!

Slower. Perhaps it’s my wax, but they aren’t fast skis.

Love them! Feel totally confident in any condition.

Model year: 2020
Riding style: 1 season of Mostly groomers and a few powder days.
Length on the ski: 174 cm
Riders weight: 73 kg
Riders length: 173 cm

25/02/2021 (Modified: 26/04/2021)
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Turn, turn and turn! Beautiful!
Superalround, a ski that works both on steep icy slopes, 20 cm spring slush and everything in between.

Of course the ice grip is worse than a pair of 65 mm slalom skis, but it's a cheap tradeoff.

A super ski !!!
Swings like a narrow piste ski, but still has bearing capacity in soft snow. The best all-round ski I can think of. If you're just thinking about turning, the ski is already doing it.
Has ridden 13 ski days in everything from -27 ° C to + 6 ° C, loose snow, manchester, hump, ice and slush. Works for everything.
Do you like to swing?
Try Line Sakana!

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Piste, hump, forest, lift-borne off-piste.
Length on the ski: 174 cm
Riders weight: 100 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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Line Sakana has both a classic and unique design with its significant fish-tail. The ski has a traditional span that makes it really sharp on hard ground but with early rise rocker in the front, Sakana does not do away when dumped snow. Inside these beauties we find a wooden core consisting of paulownia and maple that provides a well-balanced balance between weight and stability. Rider quote: “Good flow and turns the shit out of most people on the piste. This ski you can defeat the whole mountain with. "And" Surf piste that works in a playful way everywhere. "
Rating: 8.83

Model year: 2020
Hannes (Guest)
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Floats up on the powder well

Nothing in my opinion

They are good looking and both good on the piste and off piste

Model year: 2018
Riding style: Powder
Length on the ski: 165 cm
Riders weight: 58 kg
Riders length: 160 cm

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Incredibly quick skis, good flow in varied snow. Tremendously easy to swing and the ski is basically swinging by itself.
In varied snow conditions a super nice ski

Short radius helps keep the ski almost flooding if you stay too long on the cutting edge.
In cushions you end up a bit far behind and the sheath wants the nasal sling to swing short turns by itself, so it tends to almost shovel the snow in front of you if you take out the turns, almost flooding.

A superb allmountain ski that unfortunately does not deliver in powder, not even if you like to take long turns. The ski's short radius contributes to short turns. Bought 174 cm skis because the recommendation was to take 10 cm shorter than normal. The ski had probably been much nicer in 181 cm. So recommend taking the longer ski.

Used the ski in all weather, ranging from sheer dump, uphill to groomed piste. A cannon ski to most things but which was unfortunately a little worse than expected in powder.

Model year: 2019
Riding style: Pillows, upholstered, and piste
Length on the ski: 174 cm
Riders weight: 81 kg
Riders length: 176 cm

11/01/2019 (Modified: 17/01/2020)
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* Really playful
* They have an inviting radius to carve a lot with
* Light and short
* Quick and easy to check
* Surprisingly good grip in hard piste (?!)

(Although they are really good looking at these beauties, very subjective experience)

The duck is unbalanced in the air due to the stance and length of nose vs fishtail
A little short radius to get a really comfortable flow. (Feels like they constantly want to swing in loose snow)

Mr Pollard has managed to create yet another masterpiece!

After spending 2 full seasons in Japan as a guide and instructor at Pollard's former Opus ... more specifically his first iteration of Magnum Opus in 188cm, you have got a taste of how playful and simply right it usually feels on skis that he design.

.. The sick thing with these teams is that they performed better than expected on harder ground.
The first days when the fishermen were tested, the snow was quite a lot of snaps worse than the maximum, you can say.
Extremely fresh snow that was blown and whipped to the sides of the slopes and sugar snow mixed with snow hard packed like kevlar ... But after riding on a pair of skis with a fairly similar radius the days before, which was also much narrower at the waist, the radius felt almost immediately from the first ride inviting to test what the skiing is for.

The testing went on for 3 days with varying snow and in varying terrain and the skis were pallet mostly ... the only thing missing was really deep snow as the deepest that could be tested was about 10cm.

The skis felt well balanced on the snow, but you got longer airtime where you tried to rotate / tweak the skis you could feel that they were slightly heavier than the rear, but not so disturbed directly. And given the shape, you can't expect anything else.

The tailors who make the skis special were a delight!
Really nice stiffness and gave cruel response in big turns on harder ground and also gave a really nice and controlled feeling for steering and controlling turns. is also the case with the shorter tail.

How to oat a bell-shaped ski that can suit those who want a more playful experience on the mountain that I can almost describe as a day of fresh snow on a really good snowboarding setup that really wants to allow you to swing and play your way.

Have given the grade 4 out of 5 when I imagine that a radius of an extra meter could have reached the full potential of the ski, but would still like to say that these can still be classified as a masterpiece!

Model year: 2019
Riding style: piste, fresh snow, uneven and humpy, 50/50 inbound & off piste, run-up sugar and bulletproof icecake
Length on the ski: 174 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 184 cm