Line Supernatural 92

Line Supernatural 92
Line Supernatural 92
Line Supernatural 92
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Line
Modelyear: 2020
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 131/92/118 mm Turning radius: 17.70 m Weight: 1954 gram (179 cm)
Sizes: 165,172,179,186 cm
Manufacturers description
Your go-to high-speed charger, the LINE Supernatural 92 is here to help you lay waste to any kind of terrain. With Metal Matrix™ technology for a Cadillac-smooth ride, go ahead and lean into your turns and feel the sweet power of metal-reinforcement in this all-mountain freeride ski. The Supernatural is the best ski for riders looking to have stable turns and control for whatever the mountain may throw at you.

(Official information from Line)

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Very playful skis that like to go on edge. Do not feel that I carved such short turns with any other ski.

Not as fast as many other almountain I tried but by no means bad, just keep up with it when it starts to go away. Can be a little tricky compared to heavier, more stable layers.

Tried these one afternoon in the Swedish mountains on fairly icy and hard hills. Had the same trip my Salomon Shogun -13 and the polar's Atomic Vantage 90 -16 and my girl's Volk Aura -08. These skis from Line became my favorite, very good edge grip on the hard surface and they almost threw me out of the carving turns. Even on short "cord turns" went well and I experienced them very easy-going. Had I not been so kind I would have bought myself a pair!

Model year: 2019
Riding style: Piste
Length on the ski: 179 cm
Riders weight: 78 kg
Riders length: 187 cm

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Extremely good grip even on hard snow ("ice piste"), lightweight on the foot, playful, respond well already from lower levels and feel stable when pressed more.

I have not found anything I'm disturbing, but the graphics are far from the nicest in the market.

The ultimate Åreskidan for me!

After moving to Åre, I wanted to supplement my Opinion 118 and regular pistracers (RC4) with a mid-range ski that you can take any day to the mountain and know that you can have fun no matter what type of ride it will be. The focus was on the fact that they would be fun like f-n even when it's hard and uphill, but without feeling boring / lifelike when driving off-piste. Obligatory was also that they must feel rap in the tight Åre forest.

I test him incredibly many skis in the 84-100 segment in the waist during Dec-Jan (Enforcer 93, Core 93, Project 90/100, Camox 97, Kanjo 84, Frontier 85 mm mm). But nobody has come close to the ride I enjoy from Supernatural in so many different conditions.

The first yard with Supernatural 92 offered the worst possible conditions in a broken Gästreppet late afternoon in January. But they looked like a smack from the first turn and I had difficulty believing how good they grabbed in the odd parties between the sledding hoops and how rave and fun they felt burning over and jumping on the same piles.

After a few more days, I was given the opportunity to take them out in some of the thick forests that are here, and they were much more witty and funer than any of the other skiing I tested in the segment. Of course, you can not measure my opinion that hovered Most of the time, you can turn around a five-earring, thank you very much as a mounting point, but unfortunately it is still impossible to find a ski that is best on everything.

So after that, there was not much to think about, just buy!

It may be wrong to say that it was love at first glance, because I think the graphics are quite flat and boring (dirty snow against snow), but it was definite love from the first turn. Unbelievably impressed with the versatile line Line got, it was not the one I thought would be the optimal Åre ski straight away. But glad I tested. Thanks to Åre Skidsport for tips and best service!

Riding style: Pist / Offpist
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 78 kg
Riders length: 186 cm