Line Vision 108

Line Vision 108
Line Vision 108
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Line
Modelyear: 2021
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 142/108/128 mm Turning radius: 19.50 m Weight: 1605 gram (183 cm)
Sizes: 175,183,189 cm
Manufacturers description
The LINE Vision 108 is back for another year and is not slowing down. Voted the Number One
Freeride Ski by Freeskier Magazine, The Vision 108 is stable at high speeds, light in the air, and
easy to control. Created with THC Technology, a featherweight chassis paired with a responsive
core allows the Vision to be unlike anything you've ever skied. The one freeride ski that can slap
down pillow stacks one day and explore far out zones the next, pick up a LINE Vision 108 and
see for yourself, because #Skiingis

(Official information from Line)

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Jocke (Guest)
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. Easy skiing in piste and powder as well as light and stable ..30 ski days in piste and some summit trips .. easy and compliant with good technology, they are almost self-driving and meditative to ride on .. bought a pair for this season in yellow g


A ski that is 108 and Carvar unobstructed regardless of ice or soft and flows better than most skis in loose snow .. Outstanding and believes that Line with this model is far ahead of its competitors

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Piste / summit hikes
Length on the ski: 184 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 190 cm

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Incredibly easy to handle and stable ski that really does its job on all sides of the mountain but especially where the powder is located

Because the ski is so versatile it cannot be the best

The ski for the powder junkie who just wants a ski in the case and snuggle around the whole mountain on his journey.

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Powder / All-Mountain
Length on the ski: 183 cm
Riders weight: 95 kg
Riders length: 184 cm

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Good edge grip
Absolutely ok flow in the powder.

At Really icy you can feel the tendencies of "old carbon skis" vibrations (though not near eg Extreme 105 Carbon)

Incredibly easy-going skiing that surprises with cruel edge grip. Of course, it can feel a bit flaky at high speed and uneven and has some symptoms of "old carbon skis" on really icy ground. But it is still in the slopes that they are most surprised! Are you looking for an incredibly easy-going / playful ski that also goes like the train and swings a lot of 19m Radius as well as with a Shift binding becomes a perfect turn buddy yes then you have found home.
Also think that many would need / become better skier with a more easy ski .....

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Piste / Powder / Summit .... EVERYWHERE
Length on the ski: 189 cm
Riders weight: 89 kg
Riders length: 185 cm

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The best ski in this category is according to Freskier Line Vision 108, which has a wood core of paulownia (emperor tree) and maple that makes the ski really light while the combined laminate of aramid, carbon fiber and fiberglass strengthen the construction and provide a stable ski that should be able to dampen most things. Line Vision 108 works great both up and down. Rider quote: "Really fun skiing all the way down the mountain, it doesn't matter what ground you go on" and "Line Vision 108 is easy as a feather but still gives really good response when carving. Surfy and playful, perfect all-round skiing. ”
Rating: 9.20

Model year: 2020
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About the ski: We tested the brand's new Line Vision 108, a model coming to 2019/2020. Stiff, light and fun or? Hear what our test riders think after driving them. Description from Line: “We present the ski you wish you had yesterday. A freestyle skiing that can mash pillows one day, to explore the high alpine the next day. With the new THC. construction, Line Vision 108 shows what is possible for light skis, stable at high speed, light in the air and easy to shred and slash with, ”according to Line. What is this THC design? By combining three different laminates - aramid, carbon and fiberglass that resonate at different frequencies, Line has created a damping construction that is also lightweight. No bouncy and nervous carbon fiber feeling, but just smooth skiing in a lightweight packaging.

Olle: - A freeride ski that is more lightweight than classic Sir Francis Bacon. On the first ride it felt like a lazy ski that could be played around. Felt a bit soft and flabby as I drove the piste. Outside it was really fun! Soft back and front, hard under foot. Rating 4.

Emma: - It felt good. This is a ski that will suit most people. Easy-going and grateful in most situations, can be pressed at the same time with a bit of a neighbor, but you do not have to knock down a lot of power. Doesn't require lots of skier. It still did well at high speed. Fun to play around and jump, where it did best. Rating 4.

Max: - Soft and playful skiing, fun! Skiing did the job itself! Soft back there to pop around on. I didn't have to put in much effort. We took a turn in the forest edge and went well there, in the piste it got a little worried with the rocker at really high speed. At lower speeds in the piste it was fun, swinging a lot. Rating 4.


Model year: 2020