Lokomotiv Rockerbilly

Lokomotiv Rockerbilly
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Lokomotiv
Modelyear: 2010
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 156/131/138 mm Turning radius: 23.00 m (190 cm)
Sizes: 190 cm
Price: 850 $
(Official information from Lokomotiv)

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Petrus Boltjes
Petrus Boltjes (Guest)
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speed Stable
ice traction
Assume good flow .. (though difficult to test in Flottsbro ..)

Slow edge to edge. However, as the manufacturers say. Sometimes it may be fun to drive a Monster Truck on a Formula 1 course.
Not forgiving. Must go with power and technology.

Ok. I may not qualify to write a review for these layers for two reasons:
1. I know the guy who is building the skis.
2. I tested them in a hot pist in Flottsbro and not in pillows up to the navel.

However, I can say that:
1. After trying the song, I intend to buy a pair (so please do not make the guy that I get them for free ..)
2. The best way to get the feeling of a ski is in a hot piste. They are 130 underneath the foot. That is, I'm not worried that they do not flow like a cork in pillows ..

The skis have a span under foot and are rocks front and back. A little like Rossignol S7. The ski is rotten and has surprisingly good ice grip. As it is so wide, it is of course slow from edge to edge. However, it's no problem to go short turns and it is even, despite its size, easy to operate. But with its width, it's not possible to shoot the skid from the turn, but you can go skiing. However, to do it, you have to drive the ski. If you come back, you want to go straight ahead. Even in large circles, it is stable in speed and has a nice radius of just over 20 meters. Again, however, it is true to be above the ski slope otherwise, as you know, it will continue in the direction of the key. This is a ski where you have to be a strong and technical skier.

With its width and speed stability, I can imagine that it is not only excellent in cushions but also in slaughtered offpiste terrain. Think Grand Montet three days after a dump ..

Riding style: Pist and Pillows
Length on the ski: 190 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 186 cm