Majesty Supernova Carbon

Majesty Supernova Carbon
Majesty Supernova Carbon
Majesty Supernova Carbon
Category: Ski touring
Level: Advanced
Brand: Majesty
Modelyear: 2023
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 134/101/118 mm Turning radius: 17.00 m Weight: 1450 gram (169 cm)
Sizes: 161,169,177,185 cm
Manufacturers description
Supernova hits all the marks as a stand out performer from shrilling hardpack to floating through powder and with its remarkable edge grip, it skis extremely well in all conditions. The Supernova was built with flat tails, rocker tips, semi-cap topsheet and full carbon layup with carbon-aramid fibers wrapped around a light paulownia wood core. This allowed us to build ultra-lightweight skis that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions. The Supernova was initially our first product where we applied the COT technology (cut-off tail). This was done without compromising any functionality as the longer contact edge extends nearly the entire length of the ski. The Supernova Carbon changed the perception of touring, freetour and freeride skiing as it promotes skiing shorter and lighter skis than what has been previously considered to be functional by experienced skiers.
Metallic shine is the leitmotif in the latest MAJESTY carbon touring range.
GOLD A79 metallic surface highlights craftsmanship and hi-end construction of the Supernova Carbon.
COT technology (cut-off tail)
By reducing the tail length and moving the skier's stance back we have created quicker turning and more versatile skis.
The notable length and weight reduction was achieved without compromising any functionality.
In fact Supernova’s usability has been increased - the longer contact edge allows you to ski even shorter skis than what has been previously considered functional.

(Official information from Majesty)

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2 reviews
Eric (Guest)
The ski is super easy and works amazingly is all kind of snow. Actually, If I had to have only one pair of skis in my garage, it would be the Supernovas carbon.

The COT mesurments is slightly weird at the begining (short tail), but you get used to it, and it's very convenient in the mountain.

I knew it would happen one day : get a pair of touring skis with the right weight to go up fast, without any compromise on the way down. The supernova carbon are my very first pair of skis achieving this miracle.

Model year: 2023
Riding style: ski touring
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 192 cm

Bimboes Mickael
Bimboes Mickael (Guest)
Light, stiff, stable, and playfull!

Recommended Boot center very much at the back, I mount it with +6cm with my bindings

Good hiking skis, with lots of fun going down! Loving it for ski/paragliding combo too.

Model year: 2023
Riding style: Powder big mountain
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 81 kg
Riders length: 182 cm