Majesty Superscout Carbon

Majesty Superscout Carbon
Majesty Superscout Carbon
Majesty Superscout Carbon
Category: Ski touring
Level: Advanced
Brand: Majesty
Modelyear: 2023
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 124/85/104 mm Turning radius: 16.00 m Weight: 1190 gram (170 cm)
Sizes: 146,154,162,170,176,182 cm
Manufacturers description
High performance carbon touring skis. Ultra-lightweight & fast!
When your goal is to tread that thin line between ultralight and functional, the Superscout fits the bill. Sure, you can join your skimo fitness friend for a few jaunts up the local ski area. But while he's monitoring heart rate and timing his transitions, you can focus on the fun part: the skiing. The Superscout Carbon is laid up with carbon fiber and kevlar around a lightweight paulownia wood core, so you can get the power and bite on firm snow without sacrificing any sort of weight penalty on your fourth – or fifth – lap. Extremely lightweight with progressive performance that makes long ascents feel shorter. Downhill performance and control that helps you ski with full confidence. Superscout Carbon is an extremely responsive ski built for advanced touring and it offers a perfect balance between uphill performance and skiing in highly variable conditions.
Metallic shine is the leitmotif in the latest MAJESTY touring range. SILVER A47 metallic surface highlights craftsmanship and hi-end construction of the Superscout Carbon.

(Official information from Majesty)

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Borja (Guest)
Light weight and stiff responsive


Excellent ski for ski touring. Very good uphill and downhill. Great balance.

Model year: 2023
Riding style: Ski touring
Length on the ski: 170 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 178 cm