Majesty Vanguard Carbon

Majesty Vanguard Carbon
Majesty Vanguard Carbon
Majesty Vanguard Carbon
Category: Ski touring
Level: Advanced
Brand: Majesty
Modelyear: 2023
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 143/118/133 mm Turning radius: 22.00 m Weight: 1770 gram (176 cm)
Sizes: 170,176,182,188,194 cm
Manufacturers description
Big-mountain performance meets lightweight freetouring.
The Vanguard’s light wood construction combined with our 4x4 technology delivers stability and maneuverability. The unique combination of triax fiberglass, carbon/aramid fibers and durable engineered wood core embraces high performance with optimal 3D flex. The Vanguard’s long effective edge ensures solid grip while tracking through icy terrain on the way to that perfect line. With its carefully tuned profile thanks to the 4x4 technology, this 118-waisted freeride powder twin offers the stable platform you need to power through drops and blast through chop with confidence. With a well-balanced progressive stance, you can tackle those booters and scoops like nothing before. Built for the most demanding backcountry skiers looking for something wide, yet light enough to be used with AT bindings. Thanks to its nimble construction and light weight, this ski won't slouch on the uptrack if you find yourself deep in the sidecountry chasing the last licks of fresh snow.

(Official information from Majesty)

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2 reviews
Simon Anniés
Simon Anniés (Guest)
Floatation, stability, maneuverability, weight


I honestly love this thing. The Vanguard gives you all the benefits of a true powder ski, which does not (usually unsuccessfully) try to also carve well at 118 under foot. It floats great, turns on a dime but is also quite stiff, making it a phenomenal landing platform and - together with the flat camber - very predictable in variable snow at speed. At the same time, it is also light enough for long-ish tours.
Also, as a tall guy I really appreciate the 194cm option.

Model year: 2022
Riding style: Powder touring and soft resort days
Length on the ski: 194 cm
Riders weight: 88 kg
Riders length: 195 cm

Gaute Ulltang
Gaute Ulltang (Guest)
A big mountain do-it-all. Good combination of high speed stability and playfullness! They float when they need to float and provides confidence over the rough patches.


Definitely recomend this ski for the freeriders out there. Floaty, nimble and confident.

Model year: 2023
Riding style: Freeride
Length on the ski: 194 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 189 cm