Nordica Helldorado

Nordica Helldorado
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Nordica
Modelyear: 2016
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 143/113/132 mm Turning radius: 16.50 m Weight: 52 gram (177 cm)
Sizes: 177,185,193 cm
(Official information from Nordica)

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Jeremy J Berggren
Jeremy J Berggren (Guest)
Great ride, especially in powder, works fine on groomers too

Top sheet peels off from the top showing white underneath. I returned one pair, replaced under warranty. Second pair has the exact same problem. Returned 2015, was sent new 2016 both with the same issues.

Great ride, extremely ugly ski. The top sheet issue wecks the looks of the ski in a single season.

Model year: 2016
Riding style: off piste, powder, steeps
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg

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-Stable than the mountain itself. Gives all speed of speed and does not fold a millimeter for snowy snow.
- Keeping the patron's poppy and playfulness proud of the extreme weight
"For the starke and technical rider, they are absolutely fantastic in the piste. However, requires a lot of muscles and a plush call called Duga.
Why do you even design skis that are not black and white? Hands down the cutest desigen (biased etc ...)

-Tung, less beautiful at boot hike or turning, as well as floating like a concrete lump in deep lice
-Successful, got rid of many threads to get over a couple
-Price. Some animals for a ski that only cope with lifting, it accepts to say but it's not one ski quiver for what one pays.

To begin with, it is undoubtedly the nicest ski I ever went on.

Tested several similarly structured skis before the purchase, but no one can handle the amazing merger of pistachio racing and pure carvande. Being twintippad gives it an extra dimension to playfulness, it's a good idea to drive fast backwards too!
However, its skier requires a bit of aggression and the ski bites back and all sense and balance are lost. This also makes it a little uncomfortable in a sober loose nose, it's too deep, the nose swallows quite easily and you're almost forced to backseat. But in snowy snow and in poor conditions, it breaks out like a truck through the cotton mill.

In all, yes, a hundred percent are right to ski if you want one that can handle everything from pist to longest slope, but avoid the boot hike, it will give you lactic acid that splits your nose and so on.

Model year: 2015
Riding style: Offpist / Ski
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 76 kg
Riders length: 181 cm