Nordica La Nina

Nordica La Nina
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Nordica
Modelyear: 2016
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 143/113/132 mm Turning radius: 13.00 m Weight: 3740 gram (161 cm)
Sizes: 161,169,177 cm
(Official information from Nordica)

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+ Versatile!
+ Responsive and witty
+ Wear good when it's loose
+ Cut well on pistachio
+ Playful
+ Quite nice graphics (not typically cheeky)
+ Smart construction

- Stickers are bad due to the paint coating

This is a really fun skiing! Despite its generous waistband of 113mm, it's surprisingly fun to push in the piste, while offering a nice flow in looser snow conditions. In addition, it's easy and easy-to-use, it also makes it a suitable companion for forest skiing and in more rugged terrain - there are only the brain ghosts that end the signature. The swing radius is short (14m for 169cm) and the ski is responsive. It has managed to offer untouched beautiful turns even on weekdays in the piste, even during a morning in the Alebacken just outside Gothenburg! However, it is not where it is correct, of course. This donna is definitely the best in pillow conditions (think Japan)!

When I bought the skis when I bought them for the off-road lift and some shorter shark / trip sometimes I chose to drive a pair of Mark F12 bindings. So, afterwards, I regret that I did not put on any of the richer tech bonds instead, like Kingpin. It's gotten a lot of fun, and then F12an gets a little heavy setup, at least if you're in my company of fast-paced tops, counting every gram and knocking around in pants that weigh less than a biscuit. With a lighter tie, however, the ski itself is not heavier than it could be even more frequent. At least not if you put the weight in terms of getting better bearing and finer driving skills than any renowned tour guide ever can offer.

Personally, I am really fond of the "hammerhead" nose, ie the front of the ski is wide and low in the design. It improves the snow contact, the cut feels like they last longer and become more stable. In addition, it minimizes "flutter" on tougher ground, something that I can say with some surprise that I have rarely experienced these skis under my paws. Generally, the ski is experienced as quite sketchy and easy-going, but at the same time it is perfectly capable of coping with bigger and more difficult tasks.

After driving quite carefully on the ninjas for two seasons, where we tested everything from ice pistons in rain (Åre) to untouched offpist rocks (Chamonix), northern Norway gutters (Narvik) and mid-jetted pads (Hakuba), I feel as pleased with the skis as I was the first tremendous swings during a presidential weekend at Ramundberget (as both skis were cleared out because I totally failed to set the bindings). Even because I sneak on other skis sometimes, but so far I have difficulty imagining there is a better alternative than Nordias La Nina.

Riding style: Powder / Back country skiing / ski
Length on the ski: 169 cm
Riders weight: 57 kg
Riders length: 161 cm