Nordica Nemesis

Nordica Nemesis
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Nordica
Modelyear: 2015
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 134/98/118 mm Turning radius: 14.00 m (153 cm)
Sizes: 153,161,169,177 cm
(Official information from Nordica)

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Bjannie (Guest)
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versatile, you can go anywhere from pistons to pillows

- Requires a part of the rider to cope with them.

Basically, just pissed, and used to clean slalom skiing with radius of approx. 12-13, and now felt that I wanted to try something new. Initially, it might be directly dangerous to my half-broken knees, which may not be so strange considering the disparity in radius. But after a while, you get into it and discover how amazingly beautiful the cutters actually get, and the ski runs gay at higher speeds!

Feels like a perfect ski start to start with if you are a fighter but want to try something else. A ski to develop in simply. Then you should not be afraid to dare take a slightly longer ski than yourself.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Piste
Length on the ski: 177 cm
Riders weight: 77 kg
Riders length: 170 cm

maria (Guest)
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Run over ALL. Turns like a slalom skiing, floats like a bat ... Really good all-round skiing that might have a comparative advantage in crud - works really well in the perfect powder and is uncommonly fun o greasy in the piste but there are skis that specialize in it - When you do not know what the snow looks like after the next turn, I trust Nemesis as nobody ski before.

As mentioned above, there are more perfect skis for the perfect powder if it's such a day. That they swing as much as they do, you can like or disgust (I like, but it's okay I heard them).

Have driven these in a pistil, uptight offpiste, fluffy, untouched pillows - really liked in all situations. is "average" akare: D

Model year: 2011
Riding style: piste powder
Length on the ski: 185 cm