Nordica Supercharger Blower

Nordica Supercharger Blower
Nordica Supercharger Blower
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Nordica
Modelyear: 2008
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 139/110/129 mm Turning radius: 26.00 m (185 cm)
Sizes: 185,193 cm
Manufacturers description
With 110mm of solid wood core stability under your feet, you’ll float almost effortlessly in any type or depth of powder. The Blower’s unique tip and tail design gives you
maximum performance in deep snow and the ability to stick any air, even if it’s switch!

(Official information from Nordica)

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Steve Eaton
Steve Eaton (Guest)
Flotation, ability to perform on hard on hard snow conditions, IE, took them to Zermatt sadly no deep snow just a little fluff each day and a lot of Ice, they held an edge as long as you aggressively pushed them without tip chatter. If you slide into the bumps they work fine! Legs were tired, however, LOL.


I still ski on them today 2020, they are a little softer skiers and boarder that are close behind , complain about the amount of snow the skis throw up- new form of maintaining social distancing, LOL.I Also ski Nordica Helldrados and Hell and Back all 185cm

Model year: 2008
Riding style: All Mountian
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 89 kg
Riders length: 182 cm

Helge Lægreid
Helge Lægreid (Guest)
The strengths of the ski is that it is wide and stable, yet quite quick. Good for riding fast in deep powder and soft snow on big days.

Although stiffer than some big mountain skis like K2, they are still softer than than super stiff big mountain skis. As they are big and heavy, they not work well in tight spots, poor visibility and hard snow.

A good ski for lighter skiers (like me) who want a really wide ski without having to go to the 190+ cm long skis.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Powder, big mountains
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 70 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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+ Stony hair belly (has crashed straight into a large rock party at full speed after a flight on a glacier in Engelberg with only a small scratch as a result, thought it would just be a pickle left of the ski)
+ Very fast, sliding like a shot
+ A good grip on the edge to be 110mm
+ Very wet in the powder
+ High speed speed regardless of speed, regardless of terrain
+ Very safe, no nasty surprises at high speed.
+ Better flow than skis with 15mm more under the foot I tried.
+ Good quality
+ Stiff, but not too tight. Shocks nasty surprises well.
+ The tip is a bit softer, which gives very safe "high speed bombing" to the cushions.

- Not superfluous as today's rocker-skis
- Jibb, if you like to land a lot of BC-kick switches, it's probably better
- Not so pimpad graphics

Have come to the conclusion that this is the best ski ever produced. More competent bigmountain skiing for all conditions is hard to find. Have driven countless skis over the years but never been so happy.
What's so good about the ski is that it gets 9/10 on everything without being extremely best at anything.
This ski completely eats fall height measurements regardless of relationship. It is quite moderate to enable you to drive fast regardless of mountain conditions.
The ski will not be the best choice if you always drive 100% cushions. But for those who drive realistic skiing with a day mixed with 50% cushions, 25% half-timed offpiste and 25% transport in the slopes.

If you have a good technique and carvings in Super-G turns, the ski will fully eat fall height meters while being witty and beautiful with good pop in the turns.
If you like to go big and drive long alp-yacht at high speed, starting in pillows and ending in crudd and bad snow quality and then a little pist on your way home you're absolutely right.

Added about me:
Have had 75 days of skiing on the ski, about 40-50 powder-days.
Have a little less than 100 ski days a year by the time.
The ski is tested in BC in Canada & St. Anton

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Powder
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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* Good turn
* Nice flow in pillows
* Stable in all bowls
* Tough coat
* Stable in the air

Really none. Maybe the ridiculously big twintip, but it's gone on the 2009 model, luckily

Ski Party. A ski that works in everything. Piste, pillows, spring box, the skid ropes through everything.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Off-piste. Powder. Piste. Aggressive and fast ...... YEEEHAAA !!
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 70 kg
Riders length: 182 cm

01/06/2007 (Modified: 10/09/2007)
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+ Very swinging and fun to ride on
+ The float in loose snow, there are no occasions when the ski feels too small
+ Stable to drool rocks with
+ Speed ​​stability
+ The coat is terribly resistant to scratches, has crossed over a shark and yet only small thin scratches. Should you still go through, the titanium layer stops the ability to enter the kernel.

- A little difficult to handle in a puffy offpiste when riding backwards (may be due to the rear mounting -1 cm)
- The topsheet is sensitive and the top page gets hacky

Awesome all-round skiing, works equally well in short wings in Tandådalen as in summer!
I have a background like Alpine Racing in 8-9 years and have good technique and can bend through most skis without being extremely strong or heavy. Runs fast, controlled and soft, always cutting.
I have driven the ski for about 20-25 days in all types of rides. Ice piste in Tandådalen, Manchester in Zermatt, Hard pistes in Cervinia, Forest skiing / Pillows in Zermatt, large open spaces with varying surfaces in Andermatt and superb sledding in Stryn. Basically all bowls except the deepest powder and the skis behave as they should, I'm the one who decides the ski in all directions.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Offpist, Pillow, Piste
Length on the ski: 193 cm
Riders weight: 72 kg
Riders length: 179 cm