Prior DB3

All mountain
Level: Medium
Brand: Prior
Modelyear: 2013

Manufacturers description
The DB3 is a new shape that makes soft snow riding easy and still performs all over the mountain! Its tip, tail shape and 15mm taper combined with ample sidecut result in a ski that turns on a dime, floats effortlessly through powder and soft snow chunder and still tears a rail on the groomers. The DB3 is a flowing surfy feeling to skiing...that’s pure fun!

Profile: Mild nose rocker profile with traditional camber throughout the rest of the ski. A perfect combination for turn initiation, edge hold and float for this shape.

Ride: The increased taper and sidecut provides insane trim, float and manoeuvrability in powder conditions compared with standard freeski shapes.

Conditions: Powder, all mountain, trees, glades, open alpine bowls, quick turns, cruising groomers.

Weight: 3780 gram
Price: 542 $

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
167 141/105/123 3780 17.00
175 143/105/124 4020 18.00
183 146/105/125 4340 19.00
(Official information from Prior)

What do you think about Prior DB3?
1 reviews
Ian (Guest)
Versatile do anything ski.
Stable on Crud.
Floaty and fast in deep powder.
Turns well in trees.
Faster than I expected on groomed hardpack.

Gets a bit squirrely at very high speed on ice or hardpack.

As a ski patroller I put alot of hours on these skis last winter. I can best compare them to Salomon Lords(my previous skiis), and the Atomic Sugar Daddies(this seasons rock skiis). All three were within a centimeter in length.
Maneuverability: The Prior DB3s were far easier to turn than the others. By comparison, I found that the Lords were very hard to get the tail around, and the Sugar Daddies were somewhere between the two.
Powder Performance: The Prior had much more float and inspires the confidence to trust the ski to resist diving when the front of the ski is weighted. On the relatively steep and deep it is really stable and predictable at speed. In the trees these skis make you feel confident that you can make a sudden turn or stop when bursting through a blind gap in the branches.
Ice/Hardpack: Better than the others off groomed, but still pretty unnerving. On groomed I find the Sugar Daddies are more stable at high speeds when the snow is hard. The DB3s start to rattle around and loose edge hold under such conditions. Don't get me wrong, the priors are way faster than I thought a set of Powder skis could possibly be, but be aware that in such conditions it would be nice to have a set of racier skis.

Probably the best all around skis I have ever used.

Riding style: All conditions and all mountain as is required for ski patrolling
Length on the ski: 183 cm
Riders weight: 95 kg
Riders length: 179 cm