Rossignol 9S Oversize

Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2005

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Wroom (Guest)
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Wonderful skiing!

Tried a pair of 165 cm in Hemavan during Easter. The snow conditions were varied, ranging from soft and sloppy to normal hair.

In a normal hard pit they went as the train. Fenomenally good skiing as long as you can keep them cut. (Do not cheat with the summer training!) The skis are made for short turns and a correctly set turn is rewarded with a really good drive out of the turn. Incredibly fun skis!

Have not tried these in ice pist, but I own a pair of the predecessors of these skis (PowerPulsion 9S) and they go well on ice. Colors all of them no matter how hard the substrate is.

Slash on the other hand .... I can admit that I detest picked pistes, with the same consistency as sugarcane, and these skis do not think anyone was right here in this sugar cane, they did not really get the command over the surface no matter how much I tried and lay on. On the other hand, this does not have to be the fault of the ski, maybe I do not have the right technique for this awful slash ... :-)

The skis do not seem to have any problems with a little heavier skier. I'm 186/95

In summary; a phenomenal ski for those who like shortwings. For long turns there are better skis, this ski is not made for long turns. But as a slalomracer carvers, they get these full kots !!!

Riders weight: 95 kg

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I can only say this: A tok-naj's ski for short turns, preferably in some steeper slopes. Wonderful cut but works ok for long swing as well as offpist as well.

The skis I went on were 158 cm, I weigh 74 kg o is 173 cm short.

I'm in leafy !!

Riders weight: 74 kg

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Rossignol 9S Oversize is a rigid, subdued and precise slalom carver. It does not feel particularly chic and playful, but rather calm and safe. The ski simply does exactly what you ask for, neither more nor less. It's hardly surprising that the ski runs like on rails in hard pistons and on ice, which, on the other hand, is remarkable is that it goes as well even when the piste is soft. I have also tested the ski in the snow (two decimeters) where it differs from most slalom carvers worked excellent. If you both skate both skis fairly smoothly and avoid overweight, it flows really well without the tendency to cut!

The skis provide a well-balanced return in short-range and keep the cutting edge the whole turn even in larger turns. Grammed stable in tight turns regardless of speed. Can drive in large turns without any difficulty, however, becomes somewhat unstable and shocking when it starts to go fast and the foundation is sluggish (then a heavily faded grand slam slide is preferable ...). Requires active cutting on cutting to get to grips, works OK even in cord turns, but feels dumb and boring.

In summary, a hugely versatile slalom carver that works well on all surfaces. Best in short range but gets well approved even in larger turns. Fits advanced skiers driving at all speeds and want a couple of accurate skis that respond directly without surprises.

My skis are 165 cm, I weigh 90 kg and are 186 cm tall.

Riders weight: 90 kg