Rossignol 9X Oversize

Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2005

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Mike (Guest)
Great ski for groomed surfaces, and for the mild racer. The ski is very versitile and can handle alot of different terrains. Stiffness of ski is perfect for the intermediate to advanced skier who is looking to ski something that will get them carving. The ski even ran through some moguls nicely.

not a very functional ski off groomed slopes, tends to sink in deeper snow because of the weight and narrow under foot sidecut.

A great on groom ski, the advanced skiers loking for a nice carver or mild race ski, but is softer and less aggresive than an all out race ski. Does not work well in deeper snow (but really what carving ski does). if your looking to get out there and make some nice long carves and go pretty fast in the process then this would be a good ski for you.

Riding style: piste(groomed) and skierx
Length on the ski: 167 cm
Riders weight: 127 kg
Riders length: 177 cm

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Awesome good response when pushing in hilly and newlywed pistes. I do not run on the standard but on the wc variant, more expensive but better according to me! if you come across a couple, turn on if you want to be the king of the piste!


cruel skis when it comes to high tires on hard surfaces

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Grand Slalomracer from Rossignol. As expected, it is subdued, speed-stable and has a nice good ice grip. The ski, however, requires its skier to get you out of it and I can not say I can master the skis completely. Here, technology is needed to get rid of them, as well as muscles in both legs, back and stomach to keep up with when things go fast.

Thanks to the width, the skis are nice too, even in pillows (but only tested one day) and they do absolutely
Do not get rid of if you break the puckles or nudge short circles. In my job, they work fine, here I feel it's my own technology that is significantly more restrictive than the capacity of the ski ...

I've competed a lot when I was younger but nowadays, it's the most rush outside the slopes that attracts. With these skis, however, I have discovered again how fun it is to blow in well-groomed slopes that were worn the day before but as frozen during the night to really hard concrete. If you find fun in the corresponding activities, do not hesitate without turning on and buying a pair on the end of the season. I have the 174 cm variant (I weigh about 65 kg) and it feels good for my size in every way.

Riders weight: 65 kg

Wroom (Guest)
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I'm in love with these skis ....

I tried a pair of 174 cm of these in Hemavan at Easter in both soft and normal hard pistons.

I mainly go long-range at relatively high speed. For these purposes I have never tried a couple of better skis. Since these skis really are a little nerd-shaped variant of the skis you go to in the WC, it's no wonder they have great performance.

Compared to the skis I own now, the Rossignol PowerPulsion 9S (which may be considered the forerunner of this model) is a bit more of everything. More grip, more response, more stability. How I provoked this ski, it did not bother me at all.

Have not tried this ski in ice pist, but my PowerPulsion 9S is really good even on ice, and I do not think these are worse at that point ... :-)

+ Unbelievably stable even at high speed. They had none at all with my 95kg.
+ Good response, a good turn is rewarded with a wonderful drive out of the turn
+ Good stability despite a little shorter length. (I'm 186 cm and tried a pair of 174 cm)
+ Very well attenuated

"Not so bad, but they could be sad if you tried to kill them." But on the other hand, there are skis better suited for slow cruising than these racers ...

Riders weight: 95 kg