Rossignol Bandit B4

Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2006

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-Very fast-paced and reliable in most conditions. A bit small for large areas and a lot of snow. However, I am very pleased with my current piste / top trip and in the semi-final offpiste. Will a couple of more ski days go skiing alpine to winter.

Drive telemark on my skis when you get to work properly to keep checking.

A sneaky ski too much, but not the best either in the razor or piste.

Should go fast

Length on the ski: 178 cm
Riders weight: 68 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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The Eagle has landed! The 178 cm long ski has a radius of 23.6 meters. Tried them in the worst possible conditions, dark ice with stains of hard packed snow and blown rock on the calf mountain and nice puddles further down the woods. In short: relatively realistic conditions for most of us. The score with the ski: they were easy to steer between stones at low speed. It broke through the drift snow without any problems and it grabbed fine on the ice. In loosnö, it went as an X-2000 end in windwinds. The landing on the unplugged drip that was included in the journey through snow and dark felt as bell-like as on a jet plane.

Becoming almost boring in piste: worst possible conditions where oxo will only be a transport distance. You learn to automatically search for more difficult and dangerous rides with this ski under your feet. To go up with these skis was say so. The ski itself is not as heavy as it was painted before I bought it. The mistake is instead of the choice of binding. Fritschi Freeride weighs just over 2 kg and it feels. Put on a pair of Dynafit TLT instead. Probably my choice next year.

Unbelievably stable and fun skiing, when it gets full freedom, it does its job almost by itself (ie cutting snow at 23.6 meters radius under constant acceleration). I guess this ski will develop my ride a lot during the year. Has previously refused fat skis. However, oxo has just traveled on rented skis with 75-80 in the waist. And they do not add any jmf to my 70 cm "all mountain" skis that actually work well so far. But if you want to take a step in the ride, Rossignol's B4 is the drug of choice.

The rating will be 5/5. With the right link, this is a hiking trip to count on for trips that take 2-5 hours from the lift and then offer a good ride. Will go with these 10 days in April. Then comes the real test.

Riding style: Pillows / Freeride oriented AT.
Length on the ski: 178 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 179 cm

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Big and heavy

They tested this spot in the Pisten in Zermatt a week ago.
They will go fast and fast.
Otherwise, they do not enjoy anything.
But when they go fast and steep they are grim stable and they jump out of their turns.

Riding style: Aggresiv Powder Pist
Length on the ski: 195 cm
Riders weight: 95 kg
Riders length: 190 cm