Rossignol Hero FIS SL R21 WC

Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2016

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06/01/2016 (Modified: 07/01/2016)
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As with all FIS SL carvers, max edge grip, max rebound, flash-fast shifting, max control and calm. They go like f-n simply! Then I still like the bright red color with white R-logo on the board! (... even though similar red layers now are very frequent on the hires and on the mountain).

Short SL carvers have their drawbacks in mixed snow, highs, sugar nuts, etc. They dare and fly a little how to do, and the distinctive race features can not be exploited, but you'll always be down ...

Japp ... it was time for new SL carvers, Ross this time, Hero FIS SL R21 WC (that's FIS / the competition variant of Hero Elite ST and ST TI). Why then FIS racers? If you have the body weight and the strength to bend them out and the technique to drive them out, they are absolutely fabulous ... in a hard piste! Right! They are built for hard manchester, frozen, or beamed icebergs, that's the basis the racers love and go on everyday! And here it is delivered! I stated my body weight (90 kg) at the time of ordering and home comes the stiffest pair of SL carvers I have ever owned! One became a little suspicious ... Without reason, however, it turned out. I bend them out without any problems, the same for my son who is 15kg lighter than me.

With sharp edges and good technology, they are calm and easy-going (... believe it?). Warning for rebooting dock. It's brutal! Upload them and release ... JEVVLAR! This year's strange hunters have known rocky slopes above all - the right environment for these layers! Sets 4/5 right now, have to go for a bit to ...

Riding style: With these, carving race-style, otherwise what is offered.
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 183 cm