Rossignol HERO Master

Rossignol HERO Master
Category: Piste
Level: Advanced
Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2015
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 116/70/98 mm Turning radius: 16.00 m Weight: 4300 gram (170 cm)
Sizes: 170,175,180,185 cm
(Official information from Rossignol)

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07/01/2015 (Modified: 19/01/2015)
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Stability in cutting, of course and quite typical. The structure is undoubtedly "race stock". Place an early print on the edge, create angle and press, hold on, release the print and you'll get a controlled powerful return ("rebound" for your young ...), change edges and enter a new turn. Calm and well-behaved (expected ...). Feel longer (?) Than their 185 cm. No problem to hunt, okay to "stivotate" to set up something before turning and then pinch with angle and new carv. In short, very safe but fast! (... does it sound fun?)

For the narrow waist 71 mm, they become quite uninteresting in raised slopes of highs and sugar nuts, a known phenomenon with narrow rak aggregates. They should have solid hard surfaces that provide a proper response.
They would have been as beautifully red as every other 2015 Ross HERO team, though on the other hand, they are now looking a little bit out of hand.

Driving on Funäsberg's well-preserved, partly very tough - even bumpy (?) Slopes in Christmas and Kungsberg's similarly hard-baked artificial snow now in January. In summary, I am very pleased with these layers! Also planning to run GS tracks now this winter in regular order. It will work!
A solid cast of "race stock-type" with expected characteristics. Until now, I do not know much about the tip rocker, but I have to admit, but, of course, they go into a swing without much effort, with R = 23m, it would be f-n otherwise! I would really like to compare with a pair of FIS GS 195 cm R = 35 m!
Summary: Stable, easy and fast! Currently 4 of 5!

Riding style: With these only racing carving in the pist, otherwise what is offered
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 183 cm