Rossignol S.7

Rossignol S.7
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2013
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 145/115/123 mm Turning radius: 17.50 m (188 cm)
Sizes: 168,178,188 cm
(Official information from Rossignol)

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19/01/2012 (Modified: 22/01/2012)
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Went on this first time in the climb over New Year and then a whole week in Sölden. May start by saying that my S7or is definitely better than my twintips (dynasties 6th sense superpipe) in the piste

Rossignol S7or is one of God's wonders.


Very good in pillows in the woods
Really good in the piste if it is not total ice
Roughing well in the windshield and crowd, the wide front of the ski just plows through everything and, in my opinion, is S7an's great advantage.
Pushing up the mountain, the ski is sickly speedy, the powerful rocker makes the tip of the ski never dig down and gives the rider the opportunity to have a normal forward weight and better balance

The powerful rocker unfortunately makes the ski unstable at higher speeds in the run-up before such hard-hit offpiste and piste. But you are always looking for the untouched

Definitely my One Ski Quiver Ski, this is a truly wonderful ski and probably the best 5-point ski for the season!

Me and my friends tested each other's skis in true big mountain feeling with pillows and drops down for a field of about 500 m fall and then ended with a fairly long ride in a red piste down to the elevator. The S7an got the best response in the offpiste as the most fastest skid with best bearing, while Atomic Blog got the best in the piste, other skis tested; armada jj and salomon shogun.

The Rossignol S7, according to me and my polar, is the perfect ski if you prioritize 65% offpiste and 35% inpise.

A perfect ski-run that manages most types of lorries in the best way. A superb skiing for the Alps, if you are going to Sweden, I would recommend going down the S3an to get better icecream in the piste.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Piste-powder
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 184 cm