Rossignol S3.98

Rossignol S3.98
Category: Park & Pipe
Level: Advanced
Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 2011
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 128/98/118 mm Turning radius: 15.50 m (177 cm)
Sizes: 159,168,177,186 cm
Manufacturers description
The new S3 is three skis in one. The S3 feature Amp-
Tek, Rossignol’s unique ski design concept that combines
traditional and reverse camber to deliver more
versatility, rebound, boost and ease-of-use than
conventional skis. The sidecut of the ski uses Rossignol’s
Reverse sidecut technology, a spatula tip and
pin tail with regular sidecut directly under the foot.
When skiing powder the 128/98/118 directional sidecut
is dominant which is perfect for slash and buttering
turns. On the piste the110/98/110 sidecut skies
like a true twin in the park or landing switch.

(Official information from Rossignol)

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Melanie Grafham
Melanie Grafham (Guest)
Great in off piste powder and also on piste. I was told that I should be careful if it got icy, it did and it still held my turns wonderfully without me holding back. They slipped happily over the powdery snow with little effort to keep the tips up, allowed me to jump about a bit and have fun with more experienced skiers.
My Solomon Scleavers wouldn't have been so forgiving on the ice or on the powder.

I couldn't find much of a weakness, they do lend themselves to wide turns but you can still get them to do tight turns. I found no problems on the ice, we were on a glacier but some people had found problems.

Good all round ski's if you only want one pair and to be able to do everything, ski on and off piste, powder to harder packed snow.
There were two of us trying these ski's being completly different from what we usually ski on and we were both very happy! We had been encouraged to try other ski's but with the changing weather conditions we wanted to see how they faired and the faired very well.
I want a pair! anyone want my Scleavers?

Length on the ski: 159 cm
Riders weight: 56 kg
Riders length: 165 cm

Gösta Hiller
Gösta Hiller (Guest)
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Lightweight and fairly lightweight. Have fun for me and they work excellent on trip.

Drops a little length like allmountain skis when it is swung up really well there behind.

Good, easy allmountain skiing for all conditions

Riding style: Pist 50% Pillows 50%
Length on the ski: 177 cm
Riders weight: 76 kg
Riders length: 184 cm