Rossignol Viper 10.2

Brand: Rossignol

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rene lambert
rene lambert (Guest)
These are very nice skis for and intermediate to advance skier or someone wanting to move up to and intermediate skier. They are fast. They want to run. The "claw" their way down the hill and cut trough crud and groomed alike. Nice in the powder. These are a stiffer ski so nice for someone over 200 lbs. I went from a softer 180 cm Atomic Beta Carv and it is 20x the ski. Enjoy

Riders weight: 100 kg

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Raised a step into the ski rental in Säfsen (!) Where they sold some old rides.

1500: - for a pair of ViperX 10.2 ... affordable? ;-)

Oh well. Have drove on them for a couple of days now and have to say I'm in love again. Do not know how good they are in fluff, but seriously; How many of us are mostly in pillows? I can count my pillows on a single hand each season, and Vipern is a cruise miss in a pistil.

The ice spots are not noticeable, and it works great for high speed cruising.

A very good skiing for normal Swedish conditions. (If you are going to the Alps or the States and pumping pillows you can hire a few fetches)

Because the model has a couple of years on the neck, you can also get them at a good price.

The tips on the skis have a tendency to loosen, but with some violence they are sitting there :)

Model year: 2001
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Wonderful, perfect. Nice ice grip and lovely in the piste. Just okay outside the piste too. Pretty hard, so head preferably 70 kg -> to get the most out of the ski. Affordable, absolutely! Jump and buy, nuuuuuu: D

Model year: 2000
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Had to panic buy a pair of skis this winter after the less old passed off, it became a pair of viper 10.2X. Have tried a ten different free ride skis but have not been satisfied with any of them, overcoat they feel too soft and mesiga. The Vipern, on the other hand, is quite hard, I have heard rumors that the old 9.9 was the same ski as Rossignol's grand slalom ski with some other pressure. If you want to go for what all the principals say, Vipern is probably completely wrong for me, because I prefer to be outside the piste or in some puck but it's fun with a slight temper. With this ski it may even be fun to drive in the piste :)
The only negative so far is that during the first four days the ski tips were loosened 2 times, with a drill and some screws solved the problem. However, it seems that a ski like this pass animal should handle some puckles and a little hope for at least one month ...

/ Bosse

Model year: 2000
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Absolutely wonderful skiing, may seem a bit heavy by some but it's getting used to after a while. A cannon simply slides
/ Johan

Model year: 2000
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The Viper I have is this year's model I obtained at the end of last season, namely Viper 10.2 instead of as before 9.9. Absolutely wonderful skiing .. after last season the most went on Kästles Speedmachine and on Salomon X-scream, which, compared to Rossignol's latest Viper, is a clean frame of soap cups, I can only say ... the millennium's skis are corad .. at least in my a eyes .. ROSSIGNOL VIPER 10.2 .... WOW
(As a skier, I'm pretty advanced .. have about 75 ski days per season .. have lgh in Åre ... and I've been racing for 5 years during my teens .. so one skiing is recommended to all skiing people out there)

Model year: 2000