Rossignol Viper Cut 9.9

Brand: Rossignol
Modelyear: 1998

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Beautifully calm and nice in long turns, you can go really fast without vibration or flutter, pretty good on hard surfaces, and I'm really easy to feel.

Feels a bit tough in today's position, but 1997-98 if the skis were new then?
Must have been real "pistol missiles"!

(It's an early carving ski with pretty good measure. Carving now, oh, that's not the same)

I think it's a pity that Rossi Viper 9.9 does not get a review so I send a short one.
I gave 500: - (without bindings) on sale in 2004, I also have a pair of SALOMON X-SCREAM 9 (193cm),
which I bought new with binding for 995: - in the spring of the same year, the skis resemble quite a lot about each other, but with the clear advantage of X-Screame 9, the old Rossi feels a bit tough, but if you want to work out, they go train.

Riding style: Brutally and unfairly, only in the piste.
Length on the ski: 197 cm
Riders weight: 98 kg
Riders length: 195 cm