Salomon BBR 8.9

Salomon BBR 8.9
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Salomon
Model year: 2013
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 147/88/110 mm Turning radius: 11.50 m (166 cm)
Sizes: 166,176,186 cm
(Official information from Salomon)

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Steven S
Steven S (Guest)
Secret weapon. Cult ski. Handles everything with ease and boosts your self confidence.

Freshly groomed icy slopes, but even these are handled with ease if you are a good skier.

I ride my BBR's for 7 years now, around 2 to 3 weeks per year and some short ski's. Because I'm a gear freak, every time I rent the best ski's available for one or two days: the Quattro's, the Hero Pro Elite, the Mantra, the Super Shapes... And every time I'm disappointed because they are not as versatile and as my lovely BBR's. Will buy another pair now, in case my first pair dies. I don't have the place in my car to bring 4 pair of ski's for every condition, but these MF's combine them all.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Slopes, off piste, powder, jumping, park
Length on the ski: 176 cm
Riders weight: 67 kg
Riders length: 172 cm

Arvid (Guest)
Use them in all conditions and mostly in the slopes. Not often powder where I go. Amazing fun, easy turning, stable at speed up to 95km/hr and after lunch when others struggle in the bumps or wet slush I am just enjoying life. You can slide and carve with different tecnichs ànd have fun. I am 188cm tall and like the 186ones better than 176 after trying both.

On ice, but I never feel unsafe. Strong riders can carve them and then they kick well with short turns.

Amazing fun stable skis that you can get for very little money these days.

Model year: 2013
Riding style: All mountain but mostly in the piste
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 88 kg
Riders length: 188 cm

Seth Frostborn
Seth Frostborn (Guest)
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Lightweight, speed-stable, good flow in pillows, nice surf feeling.

Knepiga to spin in the park when the nose is tall.

Probably one of the most optimal all mountain skis available. Normally, all mountail tend to be just a bit of a compromise because they are supposed to work everywhere. After a season on my BBR, yes, yes, only find that the only time they do not feel at home is in the park.
But if you like to hammer piss and then control if you're kidding pads or a little messy forest, BBR will deliver & surprise positively over and over again.

Riding style: Piste, Pillows, Park, Skierx
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

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Ready everything

Looks too bad in its form

Many have perceptions of this ski from advertising jippo of Salomon to total worthless skiing to have. Common to these statements is usually heard as everything else, and usually without having the opportunity to test the ski before the mattress has been delivered.
I'm 194 with 105 kilos in the luggage. I go from untouched snow to blue ice both fast and slow. I have now tested the ski in the outer edges of St.anton with really good snow like sorbs to the right ice. Not only did the skis give way, and how this works, only the learned stories can be heard. The fact is that the skis are incredible and what one usually hears is that BBR can not take ice thanks to its shape! It's an eternal lie they go like missiles with clean cutters, maybe it depends on my knowledge of skiing, but on the other hand, I can also say if the ski was not kept.
Certainly there are other skis that can perform the same results but none that can help a tired skier by surfing the sorben or a hilly back because everyone is complaining of tired legs and difficulties or becoming like a chamomile that changes the character of exactly where you go with promised product information.
 I participated in Weise Rauch this year as a fun thing and were in the choir and qualify what ski I would take, either grand slalom or I would try BBR, the choice was there later and many came by at each lift and asked how to hell ... could I pass them on the runway with those water skis? They are fast stable, so what's missing for this ski? Nothing.
Most stores provide the opportunity to test skis before purchase, so take and test before purchase but not just a ride without a full day, and I promise you will be as bitten and surprised as many others.

As a bit of information, one of the stadiums stores without having to leave town and place sold out the ski slopes about 4 pairs for 3200: - / pair, with the reason that skiing is only possible to drive in a sneeze or type of Sorbet told from also responsible for the ski department in the shop .

Surprice I use 176 cm

Length on the ski: 176 cm
Riders weight: 105 kg
Riders length: 194 cm