Salomon QST 99 (Page 3)

Peter (Guest)
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Good in many circumstances
Lovely rocks provide a good flow when they are up or sneezing

Long radius

What a ski!
Have always been a bit scared of wider skis and associated with all skis with a waist wider than 90 as an offpiste ski. But, yes, what the ski works well in the piste. This is truly an all-round ski that Salomon describes and should not be painted as an off-piste ski. The skid works well when they are newly typed, when they start to get up and when it's sneezing. Tested it during New Year's Eve in the seal. When it started to grow up for lunch, it was just driving and it held a bad grip. The advantage of this compared to the small sisters qst85 and myriad is that it felt twisted steamer and more stable at higher speeds and better "flow" when they started to get upset. Be careful not to buy too short skis. Much rocks on this so it's shorter when you're in the piste.

Model year: 2017
Riding style: Ski / powder
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 87 kg
Riders length: 187 cm