Salomon QST Stella 106

Salomon QST Stella 106
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Salomon
Modelyear: 2020 - 2021
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 137/106/123 mm Turning radius: 17.00 m Weight: 1800 gram (167 cm)
Sizes: 159,167,174,181 cm
(Official information from Salomon)

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Carrie (Guest)
Able to turn on a dime. The weight in the tail of the ski is light. The Ski Weight itself is evenly distributed throughout. Absolute playful fun, this ski goes everywhere.

None Really to speak of

I ride Marker Griffon, Roxa R3W 95 IR Tested at Kicking Horse, Lake Louise, Sunshine, Panorama

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Piste/ Powder
Length on the ski: 167 cm
Riders weight: 55 kg
Riders length: 160 cm

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About the ski: Solomon's ski QST Stella 106 in model year 2019/2020. We have tested this free skis for ladies. A playful and easy-to-operate ski according to test runner Emma: "A ski that fits most". This is the same ski as the unisex / men's variant QST 106, Stella is offered in shorter lengths which is the difference.

Emma: - Comes directly from Atomic Backland 107, which is a contrast. Qst Stella is easy to maneuver, a playful skier that is a little softer than the aforementioned ski. Here I went at 174 cm and might have wanted a little longer. This ski probably fits most! A ski to play on both inside and outside the piste. Rating 3.5.


Model year: 2020

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+ Twistpiece
+ Good flow
+ Powerful
+ Relative to performance
+ Allround

- boring graphics (and then I'm not picky, just i do not get pink / purple and flowers)
- Slightly weak response

Here are a couple of tough guys! A ski that performs best when driving aggressively and vigorously. Even before you get them under your feet, you get the impression that it's a fast and fast ski, and it really confirms no matter what type of front and terrain you take them in. In piste they are a dream to go as long as you can squeeze them on the edge. If you let them go full cut in the drop line and use the entire swing radius, they are truly beautiful. For me, it took a while to get into this, as the turning radius is 20 meters and the skis I have traveled in recent seasons are a bit more modest 14 meters. In addition, I did not feel that the ski was so responsive in all modes, but only when "really" went on them. After the first turns in the piste, I therefore described the skis as "an alleged Liberal Conservative Snub" - that is, they are sketchy as long as they do as they want, but immediately sit across if you try to find something else. This feeling may, however, depend quite a bit on lack of technology from my side, because after a couple of years it started to loosen and we all agreed better. Still, the fact is that this is a ski that wants to be driven on, and not just freaking around. Power and aggressiveness simply!

Although Stellorna is surprisingly shiny and relatively flat-free in the piste, considering their weight and waistline, they obviously come to their right in unobtrusive terrain. Here too, they are experienced as powerful and urge for aggressive and heavy driving. Already in the first day outside the lift system, I get on myself by stepping up my ride one or two snaps, simply because the ski requests it from me. Really fun! It goes well in untouched fluff as well as in the ravenous Chamonix terrain. I find that you are very close to the ground, in a wonderful way, there is nothing unnecessary between me and the snow that can worsen my precision. However, the feeling has not really been released, because the ski still has some own ideas and sometimes it's simply more willing than me. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to test them in some mid-range Japan ratios, and although I spontaneously think that you are enjoying a few millimeters in my waist, I can still imagine that they are flowing pretty well.

This is a sharp and speed-skating ski that wants to do great stuff! Maybe not as playful as other skis in the same segment, but more "no bullshit" and straightforward. This means that I personally had chosen another, more latty ski in, for example, forest skiing. But on steep, big face, I would choose these donnies most of the time, whether it's already tracked or if we have the honor to put the very first tracks. My guess is that these racks can also be a really nice turn-up setup if you mount Kingpins or Solomon's new Swift binding. They are pretty close, without sacrificing performance and island ability. That's why they are ideal as the only ski for a rider who wants a lot of his rides and most stays outside, but sometimes sometimes a couple of turns take in the groomed slopes. For my part, it will be possible to mount a couple of turbines to the next season, then Stellorna will most likely be my first choice most days, regardless of the type of ride and terrain that is on schedule.

Riding style: Pillows / messy offpiste / piste
Length on the ski: 167 cm
Riders weight: 56 kg
Riders length: 161 cm

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Salomon knows you will not change anything good. Therefore, Stella 106 is back this year unchanged from last year's debut model. Stella 106 is extremely responsive under the pants. The Stella 106 is designed to withstand high speed and keeps a good edge even in unfavorable conditions. The lightweight construction keeps the skis even floating during the pillows.

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The tests liked the versatility of Solomon's dam version of QST 106. Like so many other versatile skis, it's a rocker-camber rocker, ie mustachrocker, which solves the steak.
Rating: 9.25