Salomon Rocker 2

Salomon Rocker 2
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Salomon
Modelyear: 2012
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 144/122/134 mm Turning radius: 26.00 m (192 cm)
Sizes: 192 cm
(Official information from Salomon)

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Incredibly well balanced
Kant grip / Functionality in piste

The width is noticeable when the snow is heavy or it's awkward. This is dependent on the ride style of course, but I who run quite a lot of equalization feel it over the long run ...
Heavy to wear (iaf. With a good bond ...) Buhu!

I have only used my skis for a week in a really sloppy and fine Val Thorens so it's a clean piste / slash review. However, I think I have had a pretty good feeling of how the skis behave in comparison with other powdered skis in similar conditions ...

The biggest advantage of Rocker2 is that it's such a damn easy and nice all-round ski to have and do with. If it's a slight steady pistle, start with some gentle McConkey turns to build a bit of speed and then turn the skis downwards and put them on the top and take a punch in big magnificent swings! Are the edges grinded (88/1, perfect!) The skis are really good when you feel the tail. Just stand in the middle of the skid and knock well!

It really does not feel like it's a 192cm long 122mm wide pillow seal you have under foot. At varied conditions it is incredibly calm and predictable. People can laugh at anything in the elevator queue, yet they are at the bottom with a big smile waiting for them after the ride.

The only thing that I see as negative with the ski is that it's a bit wide for all-round powder properties. At heavy snow / slash, the width is quite stressful if you like to ride the skis and knock a little in every turn to get a little more altimeter. I'm going to def. go over to Rocker2 115 next year hoping for the same characteristics but with a little less width.

Assembly-oriented is -2.5 from mid-range perfectly for an all-round ski, it works really well in the piste! Maybe -3.5 if you do not want to spin ...

Riding style: Quickly and coarse with a love for carving or McConkeyturns
Length on the ski: 192 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 174 cm

Ole (Guest)
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Powder and lekski, works perfectly all over the mountain. In the furthest brattheng and in the narrowest forests. The skis do
That you want to jump and swing everywhere. Can be safely recommended.

This is a puderski, has run it hard in normal pist and then it barks both in the tip and tail.
And releases the back in high speed and hard swing.

All in all, a great skiing for your own use, but you should have your own
couple to drive in the piste.

Riding style: powder
Length on the ski: 192 cm
Riders weight: 92 kg
Riders length: 184 cm

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Heavy and speed-resistant ski, which is still easy to throw around when the terrain demands it, for example the forest.

Prefer a little more playful skiing with a slightly smaller radius, but it's a treat. Heavy.

Have just driven the ski (192cm) for three days in some heavy snow, cushions, afternoon puffs and piste. A really good ski when you have large areas available and can handle really. Upright and tourist puckles are nothing that stops this ski, it forces most surfaces without hesitation. The skid is also possible to drive at the edge of the piste, but there will be big turns with 26m radius. If it is steep in the piste, you should drive cord wings and make it a little calmer. Otherwise, the relatively soft rear end will release too much. But you can see it as a bonus that this skiing still works well in the piste.

Riding style: All mtn.
Length on the ski: 192 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 185 cm

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All! Floats very well and never flies at high speed as most rocks do. Going on rails everywhere on the whole mountain, surprisingly good in the piste too!
So sickly playful! Perfect hardness in my opinion!
You can stand on the hard side without feeling unstable! It just amazes me more and more.

No, I've come on yet!

The hottest ski I went without a doubt! Salomon has really succeeded in this!
Got me for $ 5750 from incl. binding (atomic team rider) and shipping!

Riding style: Powder
Length on the ski: 192 cm
Riders weight: 81 kg
Riders length: 188 cm