Scott Pure

Scott Pure
Category: All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Scott
Modelyear: 2015
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 0/104/0 mm Turning radius: 23.00 m (188 cm)
Sizes: 178,188,194 cm
(Official information from Scott)

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haw_se (Guest)
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Hello there,
Coming closest to Dynastar Legend 8000 and BD Havoc, both under 180. Only where the tractor has been.
Bought these favorably from the shelf for panel hens in spring 2011. Something of the wisest thing I did about skiing. I appreciate that they did my skiing around 20 years better, but with maintained experience. Really valuable for an old man who fills 69 later this year!
- Wear the busbra in untouched and deep. Put them on the edge and they come around how nice.
- Cut smoothly and pushed through chop (= snow I have not had first! You get a little comfortable over the years.)
- Takes me quickly but quietly, safely and on edge over the snow that has been destroyed by tractors.
This is a really, really good goblet racer! Men of my age have a little hard to relate to the grade expressions below.

Model year: 2009
Riding style: the forest, or your no Pisten Bully yet!

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Flows really well in fluff snow, much more fun and easier than other skis I tried (Elan 777, Bandit XX and Extrem Big o). It's just to come along. Works well even in half-sided, upright. They are relatively stiff (compared to Elan) but still with a lot of turns. Going fine in the piste, you can carve in a little bigger turns. My best skiing so far, they felt cannon from the first yard. (Though they are 4 cm longer than my previous Elan, they are smoother). And fast it goes!

The ice-grip is of course worse than the pistons, but you can count on it.

Canon quite simple!

Model year: 2009
Riding style: cushion-harvested offpiste piste

Richard Göransson
Richard Göransson (Guest)
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Unbelievably fun in the snow. Good bravery, of course, yet lively and lightweight for such a big ski. No upper speed limit, which I have reached at least. I had the previous version 187 or so long that had a cutting radius below 20 meters and started to swing at some speed, especially in heavier snow.

I drive Telemark and with that configuration, they feel a little heavy to turn into crowds and soak up snow after a day on the mountain. That's how it's always when you come down to lower heights. They are also quite heavy to wear when climbing.

Good skiing for helicopter rides after they are quite heavy to relax. Also works well on piste and then there are big turns that apply. Have never gone so fast on any ski like this I think. Will use them later in the season when the legs have become stronger.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Puder Telemark
Length on the ski: 193 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

Daniel (Guest)
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Cruel in pillows. The nose always reaches out of the snow thanks to the new tail, which gives you peace of mind when you go fast or drip, always "kicks" for air. Just to burn on!
Stable, lightweight in big and small turns ...
Kanonkul to go on the slopes if you want to be in big turns.
The new tail gives a good impression, works better than the predecessors.

The ice grip (but what to ask?) And the predecessors have had a problem with the tail, remains to be seen if the problem persists.

Works everywhere except in the hottest piste.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Powder
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 93 kg
Riders length: 186 cm