ScottyBob Fat Bastard

ScottyBob Fat Bastard
Brand: ScottyBob
Modelyear: 2006

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Doug (Guest)
Ease of turning, light weight, float

Prone to chatter on hardpack

These are great all mountain tele skis for soft snow conditions.

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Frontside, especially powder, some touring
Length on the ski: 175 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 185 cm

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An incredibly easy slide in view of its width, 101 in the middle! The skis are very thin, but this is quite tricky. I myself am quite big and experience my ScottyBob as slightly soft, but they do not flutter as much as you could believe! They fit best in deep cushions and at short turns. But works really well in hard pist too! This is thanks to the sharp cutting towards the middle of the skis.

These skis turn off themselves! As mentioned above, it is a sharp cut and if you want to go fast and with long turns they are not optimal. By contrast, they are the cannon in tight woods. Tested the skis in mid-dieed pads this winter and disturbed me that you can not bear the weight as much backwards as with a regular tail. However, this is a technical question, and the idea is that the ski tips will always float in the surface without the need for so much backweight. This works very well, but feels uncomfortable at the beginning. I felt like skiing "stepped up" in front of me on a few occasions ... but then I really like to "put me back" and just slide down ....

An absolutely brilliant peak ride! weighs a little and is very fun to drive down on!
check out more at I ordered my ex from the United States and have not seen them in Sweden yet. But was pretty fast delivery via the internet actually.

Riding style: All
Length on the ski: 185 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 185 cm