Stöckli Laser CX

Stöckli Laser CX
Category: Piste
Level: Advanced
Brand: Stöckli
Modelyear: 2017
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 122/68/100 mm Turning radius: 10.50 m (149 cm)
Sizes: 149,156,163,170,177 cm
Manufacturers description
The reworked Laser CX is exactly what ambitious, athletic skiers are looking for. Short turns, but also fast downhill runs — the Laser CX is built for both. With the Turtle Shell technology, the ski's flex adapts perfectly to the skier's style.

(Official information from Stöckli)

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5 reviews
Justin Borntraeger
Justin Borntraeger (Guest)
Turn initiation, turning radius, edge holding power, playfulness


Most fun I've ever had on skis, full stop and not even close!

I raced in HS years ago and still love slalom turns most of all, and this ski makes them so easy and fun. I demo'd the Laser SL and several other pairs, and the key to the Laser CX is that it doesn't have the super stiff metal layer featured in the construction of seemingly every competitor (including the Laser SL). What that means is that the CX ski is playful without beating up your shins, legs, etc. It's less work for more fun.

If you like snapping off quick turns on groomers, do yourself a favor and try to find this ski to demo/buy. You won't regret it! Hard to find, especially outside Europe, but well worth the effort.

Model year: 2020
Riding style: Every run is a slalom course :)
Length on the ski: 163 cm
Riders weight: 72 kg
Riders length: 182 cm

Alex (Guest)
Easy to control, stable, great for turning


Feels so safe to ride CX.

Model year: 2019
Riding style: Piste and ski touring
Length on the ski: 177 cm
Riders weight: 95 kg
Riders length: 188 cm

Dmitriy Ivanov
Dmitriy Ivanov (Guest)
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Very good control at low or high speed, very strong grip

None except the price

Extremely good model, recommend! It was the first time I test Stöckli and I am very impressed.

Length on the ski: 156 cm
Riders weight: 86 kg
Riders length: 170 cm

Mikael Svensson
Mikael Svensson (Guest)
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Super nice skiing that picks up on both ice-cream and nypistat.

Do not find anything except that the price might deter.

A ski that fits both for active driving as well as for calmer rides. Has several years of experience with laser GS that requires significantly higher speed and activity to feel good. CX sets up and joins even when you play around at a slightly calmer pace with the family and give a big smile and joy when you get lost in your own active piste.

Riding style: Most piss, a little simple offpiste, a little jump and play in the park.
Length on the ski: 163 cm
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 182 cm

Sven Erik Månsson
Sven Erik Månsson (Guest)
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Stable racecarve that's good even under odd conditions. The skid is relatively easy compared to the performance and therefore makes it fun to play around and toss off.

After 4 years I can not comment on anything negative.

For 4 years, I have spent a couple of Stöckli CX after a ski instructor told me I had too soft skis in relation to my ride. I have more than 500 yen per season year spread between 35-40 ski days.
What I was looking for was a skate that you can squeeze heavily on in everything from blue to black pist and that's good even when it's ice-cold. Since I have children aged 5 years and over, I also needed to "play" with them in parks etc. Also tested SX of the same brand containing 2 layers with titanium inserts (1 layer in CX) but thought these became too heavy when playing "playing " with the children.
I test several pairs of skis every year, read a lot about the test results in Skiing Skiing and try their favorites but feel every time I test that there are no better skis than I have :-)
Before I bought these skis, I read a lot about different skis on this forum but did not find much information about CX why I felt a need to share my experience with future potential Stöckli customers. I can, as you understand, confidently recommend this ski! Unfortunately, Skiing does not test this brand, but it may as well depend on the supplier, I do not know.

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Piste, Racecarving