Stöckli Laser GS

Stöckli Laser GS
Category: Piste
Level: Advanced
Brand: Stöckli
Modelyear: 2016
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 115/68/96 mm Turning radius: 15.00 m (165 cm)
Sizes: 165,170,175,180,185 cm
(Official information from Stöckli)

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federico (Guest)
on piste: the top
precise, accurate, I loved the elastic return


In my opinion, they are the best actually available on piste.

Model year: 2019
Riding style: piste
Length on the ski: 175 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 173 cm

Mikel (Guest)
Very sharp ski, also very accurate; very stable at high speeds (though I didn't have the chance to push them they way I usually do); Its excellent at carving and its rather good for drift as well. Great for experienced skiers who like to push themselves.

Definitely not intended for powder; not that forgiving; quite heavy I think. I woukdn't recommend it to less experienced skiers.

I had the chance to try it in Zermatt - Switzerland for a weekend. It is a wonderful ski and I intend to buy it asap. Quite frankly it is my reference now, for a "more serious" ski. Short of getting a FIS World Cup ski, I think this is as serious as it gets. Please take into account that my opinion might be slightly biased.

Ive been skiing with a Rossignol 9X Oversize (round 180cm, not sure)for 2 years, and I find it to be a toy for me (radius around 16 cm I believe). It is a very good ski but I would prefer something more serious since I like to push it a bit.

The Stockli Laser GS(2012) personally answers to all my needs, especially with great stability in high speed. You can do long carves while going fast, and its dead on **** accurate. Of course, like any more serious GS ski, its not really made for powder. I tried it a bit (though I dont like powder) and the results were pretty much what I expected. You also need to know that it is not a very forgiving ski, but that is also quite expected since you cant have a ski thats particularly sharp and forgiving at the same time. If you are serious enough to go for something like this, its a fair assumption that you are a pretty experienced skier.

Comparing it to my friend's Rossignol GS World Cup ski (181 cm), I would say its quite heavy as it might have been a tiny bit heavier then my friends Rossignol.

Overall, as I stated "world class" ski and worth every last dime. Quite frankly, I might as well even try the 185 next time, as it seems that the 180 wasn't challenging enough to me.

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Strictly Piste

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After starting the skiing week on a couple of Stormrider in the piste to get half a time a pair of Laser GS I would NOT switch back. Stormrider has its advantages, probably the biggest outside of the piste, Laser GS has its piste.
The skate is incredibly fast-paced and it is angled with great pressure, it's a wonderful experience. However, I can imagine that skiers who do not go so powerful can have trouble exploiting the ski and maybe experiencing it as boring.
But .... do you have the power of the ride and like to ride really fast in the piste in long cut turns, I can only recommend it !!

Model year: 2004
Riders weight: 84 kg

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A finfin skis in the piste but not a freestyle skis, maybe for the one who is knowledgeable. A brilliant quality is combined with shaky agility. In the piste, the king is among his competitors in the race race GS class.
In a course and in a freshly prepared piste, they are absolutely wonderful. A fairly affordable ski, even though it's expensive, but if you have quality then you have to pay.