Völkl 100 Eight

Völkl 100 Eight
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Professional
Brand: Völkl
Modelyear: 2019
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 141/108/124 mm Turning radius: 22.00 m Weight: 1970 gram (181 cm)
Sizes: 173,181,189 cm
(Official information from Völkl)

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Henrik (Guest)
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Floating in pillows as thought goes well, well done in well-groomed slopes. Easy ride and energy saving despite its width of 108 mm. To get well-cut G's turns, the ski requires a skier who knows how to edge a skid and does not like to stand on. A skier who does not have technology and who takes it lightly and wants a ski with a short swing radius should choose another ski.

As with all the slightly wider skis, good technique is required to get the skid on edge. Ice grab may be better but the ski is not built for ice skis so I do not know if it can be considered a weakness.

An absolutely wonderful ski to take on big turns in pillows or pistes. However, is not a ski for those who plan to have a ski only. Select year 17/18 or later.

Model year: 2018
Riding style: pist o puder
Length on the ski: 181 cm
Riders weight: 85 kg
Riders length: 175 cm