Völkl Blaze 94

Völkl Blaze 94
Category: All mountain
Level: Professional
Brand: Völkl
Model year: 2023
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 134/94/116 mm Turning radius: 15.00 m Weight: 1546 gram (179 cm)
Sizes: 165,172,179,186 cm
Manufacturers description
With Blaze, Völkl sets a new standard in the category of playful Freeride skis for skiers looking for lively, light products with awesome performance in a variety of snow conditions. BLAZE, one of the lightest freeride skis in its class, with a variety of technologies, including 3D Radie, Suspension Tip, Titanal Center Sheet is nimble, cushioned, lively and of course has Völkl's signature ice grip. The 94 is suitable for you who want to ski, in all conditions, on all slopes, on all surfaces and do not want to hold on and change skis. Assemble with Duke PT and you are ready for everything.

(Official information from Völkl)

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Frank (Guest)
Agile, lively, lightweight

Some tip vibration at higher speeds on hard snow.

I love this ski. It’s light enough for tour and cuts through crud like a knife. The stiff tail and variable turn radius makes short quick turns on groomed snow springy and quick but where it shines is soft conditions in technical terrain, think trees and powder. It’s an all mountain play machine.

Model year: 2023
Riding style: Touring, off piste, piste
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 190 cm

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Best "all mountain" ski I've ever tried! So incredibly versatile. Funny! Easy skiing for the whole mountain. Flexible and easy to vary turns. Fantastic in forest skiing, run up. Works well in piste.

Can not be the best at everything of course and no deep powder skiing which is obvious but handled 40 cm of fresh snow better than expected!

Incredibly versatile. Funny is just the first name! Easy skiing for the whole mountain. It was with initial skepticism that I tried this light ski. Love at the first ride. Was purchased with S-shift binding. 1 week now in Ramundberget with alternating hard alternating a little powder and a lot of forest skiing as well as a few tours only reinforces the first impression. Flexible and easy to vary turns. Fantastic in forest skiing, run up. Excellent in hump. Works well in piste and also variable in carving slopes. More speed-stable than I could ever believe and not uneven grip even on icy parts. Works OK with skins on turn if not too deep snow down. Perfect ski for Swedish conditions with downhill off-piste ambitions.

Model year: 2021
Riding style: Powder when available of course. Forest, off-piste, hump. Turar sometimes. Piste in between with the family. Quite intense riding style with emphasis on playful trixig riding rather than speed.
Length on the ski: 179 cm
Riders weight: 88 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

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Allround extremely lightweight good edge grip on hard surface flowing well

None, ok if the snow is 30 cm deep, it's easier with a wider skid

It's enough to have just this ski. Mount a turbine so you'll find everything you need

Riding style: All over the mountain.
Length on the ski: 177 cm
Riders weight: 77 kg
Riders length: 174 cm