Völkl Massak

Völkl Massak
Category: Ski touring
Level: Professional
Brand: Völkl
Modelyear: 2011
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 104/70/90 mm Turning radius: 22.00 m Weight: 999 gram (168 cm)
Sizes: 158,168 cm
(Official information from Völkl)

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VictorBatlles (Guest)
perfect uphill. Same effort as climbing in summer.... Inbelievable
Very easy to handle after some time of "training". After this period your ski is even better than with heavy skis

First impressions downhill is inestability. Be carefull first day. But don't be afraid, it takes one day or two to get used to the weight and to get adapted to it. After that period sensations are quite different. Is even easier to ski.

Perfect for ski mountain and much better than expected for downhill....

Length on the ski: 158 cm
Riders weight: 69 kg
Riders length: 176 cm

Peter (Guest)
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Super easy skiing that makes it very easy to get up or tense on the back of the late spring tours or summer when the report feels unnecessarily heavy (Type Kiron / Tjamuhas from Abisko in June)

Surprisingly good driving conditions, although they are a bit soft in relation to my weight (100kg +), carvar good if it is a bit smoother and is well controlled even in less well before. Works well as a race skate even if there are easier alternatives if you want to run up. Works best in spring snow but may sink if there is too much sorbetslask.

Ice hard hardy crust and cauliflower. Should have had an extra layer of carbon fiber to tighten up the ski further .... A little bit of material to get a slight slide makes it soft, a compromise that is OK in this case. Flipping through far too much if it is very new, which is not a problem, because of course you will take your widest layer instead.

I drive with Dynafit and only use the skis for long trips or where the report is long or where I have to carry the skis for a longer distance.

An easy ski to expand your ski collection with if you can afford (now iofs my teams were cheaply cheap at Sportconrad when the Alps went to summer ....) and location.
Riding characteristics get a 3 and 4 rides upwards 5- (- since there is easier lag but then much more expensive) so the total score may be 4-.

Riding style: country skiing