Völkl Two

Völkl Two
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Völkl
Modelyear: 2015
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 146/124/138 mm Turning radius: 28.20 m Weight: 2450 gram (186 cm)
Sizes: 176,186,196 cm
(Official information from Völkl)

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Mikael Söderman
Mikael Söderman (Guest)
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Perfect with full-rope for telemark. Works everywhere, smooth in woods, good grips. Backs, clean long cutting turns, playful and stable. Impact on most of the lifts.

Something heavy. Would probably have chosen 176 instead of 186.

Woo hoo !!

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Off piste
Length on the ski: 186 cm
Riders weight: 72 kg
Riders length: 175 cm

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easy-going, fun, good flow, smearing

Find a ski case that fits 196 cm

Ridged these skis in Hemsedal early 2014 with 50 cm snowy snow. It became the most frequent slopes and some walks in the rubber boiler with pillows. Therefore, can not say anything about storabergs driving.

It was the first trip of the season and new skis so the first impression was that they were short and long behind, so I have quite middle-mounted bindings. This means that they turn on a 5-reed which is fun in the forest and pillows, at the same time it is very good balance and easy to stand in the middle of the skis and slide. What was less good at the beginning but mostly due to the fact that I did not get started myself was to drive quickly in a messy way. But after a couple of years I got to position and technology so now it's just to go on.

In short, a good purchase probably works in everything from OK piste to lots of steep pads.

Went about 35 days earlier season at Völkl Gotama. Both alpine and telemark.

Model year: 2014
Riding style: Pist, Pillows
Length on the ski: 196 cm
Riders weight: 82 kg
Riders length: 193 cm