WNDR Alpine Vital 100

WNDR Alpine Vital 100
Category: Ski touring
Brand: WNDR Alpine
Lengths: 155, 162, 169, 176, 183, 190cm
Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail): 126-100-118mm
Radius: 16m @ 155cm, 17m @ 162cm, 19m @ 169cm, 21m @ 176cm, 23m @ 183cm, 26m @ 190cm
Weight (per ski): 1850 grams/4 pounds @ 183cm length
Flex: Medium Plus
Camber profiles: Rocker-Camber-Rocker or Full Reverse Camber


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  • WNDR Alpine Vital 100 photo
  • WNDR Alpine Vital 100 photo
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+ Quick
+One of the few skis that handles breaking cut and cardboard snow very well, the full rocker profile sends the skis up on turns just the way you want them to.

-It is on the heaviest side to be a top touring ski in the 100 size,
however, you have it again on the way down.
-High price

One of the nicest skis I've ridden, they go where you want when you want. Timely for Swedish mountains.
(Vital 100 Reverse camber 183cm)

They are clearly stable enough for fat rides with long turns and straightlines, but are probably nimble enough to handle fast turns in the forest where a 100 ski is enough. A great combo in my opinion!
I ride Atk Freeraider 15 Evo mounted on rack and pomoca climb 2.0 R2C.
If the snow is deeper, choose a wider one in the series. (Intention 108 and Reason 120)
If you like traditional span, it is also available with camber.

Rec mounting point: -6.7cm behind true center.
Flex: 6.5-10-7
Full reverse camber.
Number of driving days: 14 (at the time of writing)
Boot: Dynafit Hoji free 110
Weight: Approx. 2225g in 183cm with Atk Freeraider 15 evo incl. screws.

Year model: 2022
Riding style: Top ride, powder, piste
Tested length: 183 cm
Rider weight: 73 kg
Rider's height: 180 cm

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