Burton Custom SI

Burton Custom SI
Brand: Burton

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Shane Dacich
Shane Dacich (Guest)
Ease of use. So fast. Off the lift, step in and off you go!

Weight. They are quite heavy. That's the 1 and only reason why I'm in strap ins now.

If you don't mind a little bit of extra weight. I swear by these bindings. I used them for 10 seasons and they were wonderful! I use strap ins now because I'm 47 years old and need lighter setup but I swear by these bindings. They have been amazing! If you can get some cheap and you're young. By all means snap em up!!

Hans Baumbach
Hans Baumbach (Guest)
ease of use & ride feel

can build up with ice on the boot locks

Superb bit of kit, well designed and fucking comfortable.

Model year: 2005

dumping burton
dumping burton (Guest)
Base plates cracked on me and the sealed mechanisms are loose after two seasons. Even Burton admits on their own website that they will warranty all their 04/05 baseplates for life except for step-ins. What does that relay to the public. I even spoke with two other people who said there new strap in cartels are falling apart. One on the first day using them. I even heard that rails are coming off of some boards now and Burton is simply just repairng them. What is happening to burton?? I should go back to my old school thinking....Switch Bindings, Vans Boots and a solid board company like salamon or K2 who really make a solid board based upon years of ski manufacturing.

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Step-in is right! At last you can have the same pace from the lift as the poles on skis. In addition, you have better control on the board, the contact between shoes and board is unbeatable.

Minus because sometimes it may be a little tricky to get into the bindings when it's very loose, but I think it's getting better this year's model.

Model year: 2000