Burton P1 MD

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Bought a couple of P1's in love after going on a couple of really old custom bindings. So when I tried the PIs, I had quite high expectations, especially considering all the snacks about them and the pig high price 3295 kr. I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with it, though it's a good link, but for that price, Burton should be able to do "taggband" that does not stop after a couple of weeks, and it's a bit bitter if you're going to change something because you must have a super-short screwdriver if you can access the screws at all times. Another bad thing that may be the most distinctive of the bindings is the function of setting the lean and twisting on the backrests. Instead of having a catch that locks the back cover in an uphill position (as is the case with most other burton bindings), it is done so that the back cover clicks into the base through any black score. The bad thing is that when the plastic gets cold it shrinks and vice versa, and if you have set up the backdoors indoors, they will be loose outdoors where it's cold. And if you have set them outdoors, you can only take it down to get them down when you're indoors and the bonds are hot.
Good things:
Really comfortable even after long toes.
Many options.

The price
The function of the back cover
The ribbons wear fast and are
difficult to change.

Model year: 2001
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Bought a pair of P1 HD vowels. Must say that they are beautiful and steady even when you approach the cool noise! The only downside I can get besides the price is that it bends up a little bit from the board, at the front. It makes the front tension, which can move toe <-> heel, move tight when you tighten the tie! ...
But if you get out with it, it's a real pleasure!

Model year: 2001
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Okay, say this, make good connections as long as they hold !!! Bring timers out ... The worst kraf burton ever released! Buy two pairs after which bindings are a consumable.
Have now sent 4 pairs and cracked two to during the week. Going to the jacket after the preston, for example, are they the only ones I did not break during my career? Put the money on buying superglue instead, and glue the shoes !! Lasts longer! And have tried both carbon and plastic so Burton's bonds may last for Sunday riders, but watch out for bumps and bumps ... * laughs * Rating? Take calming to the back, be taken before the test! / Popei

Model year: 2002