Snowboard Boots 2018 2018


48 snowboard boots

K2 Haven 2018
K2 Haven
The design of the Haven focuses on ease of use and comfort, and provides a soft and playful foundation for stepping up your riding to more advanced terrain at the resort. The BOA® Coiler lacing system gets you ready to ride in seconds, the Intuition...
K2 Taro Tamai Snowsurfer 2018
K2 Taro Tamai Snowsurfer
Taro Tamai is a legend in innovative board shaping and style, and we’ve created a boot to match the creativity and flow of his vision of snowboarding. The Taro Tamai Snowsurfer is a highly stylized, smooth flexing, and rugged double BOA® boot with a...
K2 Vandal 2018
K2 Vandal
Progressing kids settle into the Vandal™ boots and get to stay. Thanks to the Grows-A-Long footbed feature. Boa® lacing so kids can do it themselves and linerless construction keeps it simple and comfy.
K2 Kat 2018
K2 Kat
Nothing beats the Boa® lacing system when it comes to easy tightening. The Kat’s full sized Boa® reel makes sure little hands can get the tightness they need to ensure a good fit that’s ready for fun
K2 Sendit 2018
K2 Sendit
There’s no feeling like linking your first turns on a snowboard together or conquering your intermediate run, and the Sendit is boot to get you there. Super easy to use with BOA® Coiler lacing and soft enough to feel the flex in your board to finess...
K2 Seem 2018
K2 Seem
The Seem is the perfect boot for dialing in your heel and toe side turns, from your first day to your first black diamond.Its ultra-quick BOA® lace system and heat moldable Intuition™ liner gets you in and out of your boots in a fraction of the time ...