Park & Freestyle Snowboards 2018


40 snowboards

K2 WWW 2018
With a fine-tuned directional shape, smooth flex pattern, and tons of pop, the Subculture is K2’s tribute to classic all-mountain snowboarding. Designed to be ridden through steep trees, wide open alpine bowls, or laps through the park, the predicta...
K2 Fastplant 2018
K2 Fastplant
A year after year favorite of our team riders, the twin shaped Fastplant is much more than just a park board. Flat between the inserts and with a slightly rockered twin tip and tail, the Fastplant not only presses and spins with ease, but also float...
K2 Bottle Rocket 2018
K2 Bottle Rocket
The freestyle inspired Bottle Rocket is the only true twin in K2’s volume shift line. Designed to stimulate creativity and expand the realm of possibility in park riding, the slightly wider and shorter than average Bottle Rocket spins, presses, and ...