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K2 Party Platter 2018
K2 Party Platter
The Party Platter has quickly garnered a reputation for being a favorite in the K2 Snow line. Perhaps the quickest turning, easiest-to-maneuver board in the volume shift line, riders will love its surfy/slashy playfulness, tight tree and steep pow l...
K2 Lime Lite 2018
K2 Lime Lite
With women’s freestyle riding progressing faster than ever before, we’ve designed the true twin Lime Lite for bigger spins and landings, smoother presses, and cleaner takeoffs and approaches. Stable at higher speeds yet loose and playful for jib ses...
K2 Kandi 2018
K2 Kandi
Kandi, every girls best friend will once again prove its tastefulness. Lightweight and playful, the Kandi will get the young girls out and ripping in no time. With Hybritech lightweight ease and Easy flexing Biax glass, turning and learning never tas...
K2 Vandal 2018
K2 Vandal
Infused with even more caffeine and sugar, this years Vandal is loaded with Freestyle Baseline for energy and pop that encourages progression and fun for those pint-sized youth.
K2 Happy Hour 2018
K2 Happy Hour
Freestyle snowboarding in its most raw form, the redesigned Happy Hour takes it back to the roots of snowboard culture. Twin shaped and traditionally cambered for the reliable feel every snowboarder knows and loves, the Happy Hour has maximum respon...
K2 Bright Lite 2018
K2 Bright Lite
The quick and lively Bright Lite features a twin tip shape for making symmetrical regular and switch turns and park riding, and a setback stance for powering through deeper snow and making medium to high speed pencil-thin carves of all sizes on groom...