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K2 Happy Hour 2018
K2 Happy Hour
Freestyle snowboarding in its most raw form, the redesigned Happy Hour takes it back to the roots of snowboard culture. Twin shaped and traditionally cambered for the reliable feel every snowboarder knows and loves, the Happy Hour has maximum respon...
K2 First Lite 2018
K2 First Lite
The First Lite is an easy-turning and catch-free board that’s perfect for matching your developing skills on the mountain. Its twin shape feels the same riding left or right foot forward, and its full wood core delivers the responsiveness you need f...
K2 Eighty Seven 2018
K2 Eighty Seven
The award-winning Eighty Seven is the versatile, directional all-terrain board in the volume-shift series. Traditional camber in the mid section of the board ensures the liveliness and responsiveness and every snowboarder craves, and the tapered tai...