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K2 Joydriver 2018
K2 Joydriver
With the handling of a Ferrari and the soul of a VW, the classically shaped and powerful directional Joy Driver delivers exactly what you want from your snowboard when you want it. Traditional camber and setback stance combine with K2’s Bambooyah co...
K2 Vandal 2018
K2 Vandal
Infused with even more caffeine and sugar, this years Vandal is loaded with Freestyle Baseline for energy and pop that encourages progression and fun for those pint-sized youth.
K2 Standard 2018
K2 Standard
We set the performance bar high on our base model board, the Standard. Capable of ripping carves and hitting the park, or riding from the top of the mountain and cruising with your family and friends, the Standard’s feel is responsive and easy-to-tu...
K2 Joydriver Split 2018
K2 Joydriver Split
The precision focused Joy Driver Split is built to escape the lift lines and powder frenzy of the resort. Responsive camber between the fine tunable inserts creates an aggressive and confident ride for charging steep couloirs and wide open alpine bo...