Bataleon Airobic

Bataleon Airobic
Bataleon Airobic
Category: Park & Freestyle
Level: Medium
Brand: Bataleon
Modelyear: 2014
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 0/0/0 mm (148 cm)
Sizes: 148,151,154,157,156 cm
(Official information from Bataleon)

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-Lagom soft
-Extrem pop
-TBT is hugely forgiving when learning 360 etc ..
-It is good looking
-Perfect park board that can do well in the piste and cushions due to lightning egdes!

a bit harder to jibba with if you are not "divorced"

Really good park board that can handle the entire mountain without any problems
triple base makes it soft and nice and forgiving like FUCK!

hard to say more but it is a badly good board that you will definitely be pleased with!

do you have shoe size 45+ try take a 156W instead of mine is a bit too small (have 46)

otherwise super (Y)!

Model year: 2012
Riding style: Park Also works in piste cushions damn good!
Length on the ski: 154 cm
Riders weight: 88 kg
Riders length: 173 cm

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+ Soft
+ Suitable for park and rail
+ Cruel pop
+ Hugger very rarely

- Unstable at high speeds
- Slow response to cutting.

This board is absolutely beautiful in the park. The board has a cruel pop as well as TBT (Triple Base Tech.), Which makes the risk of getting chopped very small. Looking for only rail and jump, the board is absolutely perfect.

Unfortunately, the board is completely useless for those who like to make sharp turns and are completely unsuitable at high speeds when it starts wobbling.

Short and good: Good start-up brackets as well as excellent choices for the parked driver, but if you are looking for demanding and complicated cutting turns, Bataleon Airobic is not suitable for those requirements.

Model year: 2010
Riding style: Only park
Length on the ski: 151 cm
Riders weight: 45 kg
Riders length: 155 cm