Bataleon Goliath

Bataleon Goliath
Bataleon Goliath
Category: All mountain
Level: Medium
Brand: Bataleon
Modelyear: 2021
Sizes: 153,156,159,158,161,164 cm
Manufacturers description
A fan favorite, the Goliath combines power, precision, and agility into a freestyle, all-mountain shape that will keep you happy regardless of the conditions.

(Official information from Bataleon)

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Tompa (Guest)
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Lightweight and forgiving.
Very good turn and carving properties.
Very allround, works for the most part.

Can be a bit stiff for lighter riders (-70kg).

This board really works for everything, and I can easily recommend it to anyone ... however, easier people (-70kg) and people who want a really soft board might look at the other model.

I have been going on it for two weeks, and I'm using it really everywhere on the mountain. Would think that really expensive boards might be snap better, giving the score 4 out of 5 possible. I'm sick happy!

Are you a real jib, should you aim for a softer true twin board with lots of pop, and you have a lot of money, maybe there are models that would be top-performing - but that's nothing I know about.

For all common "deadly" it's just buying and driving, actually, nobody should dislike Bataleon Goliath.

Model year: 2010
Riding style: Cruizer
Length on the ski: 161 cm
Riders weight: 100 kg
Riders length: 180 cm