Bataleon The Goliath

Brand: Bataleon

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Graale (Guest)
A very well balanced flex allowing the rider to address whatever terrain on the mountain. Excels on small fresh (say up to 10"), piste and park (a blast on the rails, don't get fooled about TBT's shortcomings...50/50 works great, just don't push it into variations like 50/50 nose/tail press... :) )
Catching an edge is history!... Buttering's not only for the breakfast, but for the piste/park, too!
Holds an edge on steep like nothing else... ridiculous!!!... best safety feeling I've got onto steep.

Chips pretty easily, but the matte finishing makes it look great even chipped.
Difficult to sharp edges... you definitely need to take it to a pro tuning guy. Same for maintaining the base (e.g. stone-grinding)

Best at everything I've thrown it by now... Yet I consider some discriminating "bestest" too ;)

Model year: 2007
Riding style: Piste / Powder / Park / Ski touring
Length on the ski: 157 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

Kit (Guest)
TBT base takes a few days getting used to but I'll never go back to flat boards again. I've learned so much new stuff on this board it's silly. Sooooo smooth in and out of everything and you I can even lean forward in soft powder! Bomb-proof construction - i've hit all sorts of stuff with this and hardly a scratch in sight :)

A little bit soft for me - doesnt hold it's edge on the bumpy stuff when you're really gunning it and i'm used to a little more pop. The stiffer, almost identical model, the Jam didn't exist when i bought this though and that's what I ride now. Graphics are OK but nothing special but that's a minor quibble considering mine's covered in stickers.

If Bataleon can sort out their flex patterns (Volkl and Salomon reign supreme in that respect) then they would make the ultimate boards. I'm sticking with them for now solely for the TBT base - other companies will try to imitate but can't better it.

Riding style: All mountain freestyle
Length on the ski: 161 cm
Riders weight: 75 kg
Riders length: 161 cm

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Awesome all-round board! Triple Base technology allows you to grow enormously and very quickly. Lovely to play with in both the park and the piste. You have a good grip on the piste and it also feels like triple base makes it harder to get hook-ups on rails.

The hardness. May sometimes feel hard. It's definitely not rock hard, so do not get me wrong. What I mean does not feel like a cleaned parkboard just because of this.

A really fun all-round board. Really recommend this one.
Have not tested this in any proper off-piste so I do not want to answer how it goes.
I regret that I bought this board instead of evil twin. But I really do not regret that I bought bataleon. Awesome good boards!