Burton BLUNT

Burton BLUNT
Category: Park & Freestyle
Level: Medium
Brand: Burton
Model year: 2017
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 0/0/0 mm (147 cm)
Sizes: 147,150,154,156,159,163 cm
(Official information from Burton)

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* Really gorgeous!!

* Perfect softness, easy to "buttra" and straightforward, yet good in the jump, small as a bit bigger.

* Has stayed for 3 years, and still feels very good and stable

* Has become a lot of scratch, but it's been 3 years old and has been dealing with various misconducts, so that's not so strange: P

A board that is easily worth the price, sick looking and stable.

I do not have this year model without a year older. Mine is very cleaner;)

Model year: 2007
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Does it look awesome? Then read yes around a bit about it before yes bought it. so yes, find someone who suits me. One that is hip, but still in greater hope. Going both in small and big hopes.

Cruel still and lovely.
Easy to ride and trim.
light board
fast it's white, so they're hard to get a scratch on the one who sees it. do not know how many times little kids crossed it with skis or snowboards and they have NEVER been a brand. Awesome.
Devilish handsome
good softness, so if you like, you can slip around the tail or nose. Then they'll be soft when you jump in a hurry, if you land a bit, they are usually fixed until it's bowed with like.
awesome beautiful easy to ride, and the soft balloon in the jump has one. Have tested 12m jump with it. that they fluttered like blacks.
It's just awesome and nice. Love my board really. '
The price is easy. Buy at hotzone if you can not afford to buy from Sweden.
They sent me tea at 4 o'clock. terribly nice They are as nice as hell. Then you get them for 500pcs cheaper there. minnst.

Has not found any weakness yet. Perhaps when yes went on a rock as a doctor in the snow they have been chanted scratch. Former boards, they were usually not immediately scratched if you drove over some stones: P: P

Awesome king to lovely board. Has not found any direct weaknesses though. but should sign in if yes would find. Buy to enjoy.

Model year: 2007