Burton Dominant

Burton Dominant
Burton Dominant
Brand: Burton
Modelyear: 2010
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 190/245/190 mm Turning radius: 20.80 m (146 cm)
Sizes: 146,150,154,156,159 cm
(Official information from Burton)

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Reilly BAtes
Reilly BAtes (Guest)
Great jump and rail board excellent value
good all around too

Model year: 2004
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GRYM on the rail on the rail and to the butter jibbing, okay to big jump but great for less hope .. this is the absolute best parkboard I've ever run on .. 100% parkboard .. sweeet as hell. pops well, is good on the rail to the boxes ,, nice that it's not twisty, works well to smith like that then. easy-to-understand

weaknesses ??? do not go to the piste with it, do not go too fast. though this is a 100% parkboard so why should you go skiing with it ???

how nice anyway ... easily the highest rating. 4300: - in Sweden 3800 (incl. Shipping from Austria)


Model year: 2005
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Going on a 154th which I have not used so much yet, but what I've felt so far, I like it sharply .. It's soft, it's pop, it's not the smallest twist ... and it will be fun! So far, I've only run rails and jumped with it, and then I've just run inrun-hop-stop, so I can not judge how it is in higher speed, in the piste, outside the piste, etc. However, have taken a few single yards in a regular back, and when you hit the turns, there seems to be a problem. I felt it was "overstyrd", like a car, and stuck as I went quickly and cut it. It was also flattery and in addition, it's quite short for me, has driven 160+ earlier, so it still makes it unstable when it goes fast. But with such a board you probably want it in the shortest team to get what you want from it.

It has a lot of pop and I think it's clear, it's the slightest effort to throw down ollies. As I understood it is the 100% -twintip and it will be available when driving a fax. I also like that it has as little twisting stiffness as it has, it's easy to do butters and squeeze. It's like pressing and twisting it as well as around the shoulder in the long run, while it comes along well.

Lastly, the graphics are quite funny ... Snake skimmer on the top, gold tipping and the fashionist base .. Rather than slipping around on a catwalk in Italy with a Versace handbag in one arm and the ruler underneath others.

Model year: 2005