Burton Joystick

Burton Joystick
Brand: Burton
Modelyear: 2012
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 288/248/288 mm Turning radius: 7.31 m (150 cm)
Sizes: 150,154,157,161 cm
Manufacturers description
Super futuristic fast forward freestyle.

Redefining real life by giving you video game control, the award-winning Joystick™ is all about making really good riders even better. NEW Squeezebox core science joins forces with Jumper Cables equipped with carbon power rods to make this the snappiest V-Rocker™ on offer, hands down. Playful when you want it to be, yet serious when approaching high score, this beast rides like an altered reality.

+ Gondola Package
+ The Channel
+ ROCKER: V-Rocker
+ SHAPE: Twin-Like
+ FLEX: Directional
+ CORE: Super Fly II™ with Dualzone™ EGD™
+ FIBERGLASS: Triax™ Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beam™
+ BASE: Sintered
+ SIDEWALLS: 10:45™
+ EXTRAS: NEW Squeezebox, Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage, Scoop, Frostbite Edges, Ellip Kicks, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™

(Official information from Burton)

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Fun board !!
Running 2v alps now with Malavita est and is super pleased.

Cruel in pillows, crazy to cruza around and edge jibb with, squeeze a little, etc., almost impossible to get rid of, you have a lot of control with this board!

A bit .. hard in the piste, the softness (4) and the well-made rocker make it really fast, work a bit to get a long carving turn, but there are camber boards for that kind of thing.

Riding style: Pillows when they are there - play
Length on the ski: 161 cm
Riders weight: 90 kg
Riders length: 185 cm

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Unbelievably fun board, easy ride, incredibly easy to do ollies thanks to Squeezebox technology. The board is soft and easy to press on boxes and the like, but also really stable at higher speeds. Can highly recommend this board to people who want to park as well as pillows, I drive with a 154 and I'm about 178 cm tall. Love the graphics too, it's really nice in reality. I'm driving with Malavita EST bindings too, perfect. I've been running it for just over a week now in the United States, and I've had a lot of fun with it all the days. Being a V-rocker makes it easy to use in pillows.

Have not found any weaknesses yet, it's so much better than all the other boards I went on.

Best board I've gone on!

Riding style: park and pillows
Length on the ski: 154 cm
Riders weight: 72 kg
Riders length: 178 cm

08/09/2009 (Modified: 01/08/2011)
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Bold pop
Maintains good edge - stable
Quick fine bass
Loose and playful even though it is hip stiff

Not very easy, but nothing you think about. Not really heavy either really.

Bold allmountain freestyle board for those who want a rocker board. Stable and nice if you want to drive jumps, but also pressable on boxes, much thanks to the rocker.

Model year: 2010
Riding style: Park, piste and play around
Length on the ski: 154 cm
Riders weight: 68 kg
Riders length: 183 cm